Nonsensuri teologice care au ajuns bestseller-uri publicitare! (2)

Există succese publicitare care măsoară inteligența autorilor și altele care măsoară prostia cititorilor. Un articol critic apărut în America dă pe față cinci falsuri care pot intra în categoria: ,,Și-au dat învățători după poftele lor“ (2 Tim. 4:3).


If you were to scan the lists of the best selling Christian books of all time you’d see some truly amazing books there. You’d see some books that have helped us better understand who God is and books that have instructed us. and how we as Christians can live lives of obedience to Him, and like you, I’m genuinely thankful for these books. Sadly though, you’d also see some truly flat-out awful books. Today I’ve narrowed down that list to the five most ridiculous books to ever become Christian bestsellers.

2. Book number two is The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.

Now, if Bruce Wilkinson, he went to a minor passage to gain his inspiration, Batterson did him one better. He went outside the Bible altogether. He went all the way to the Talmud. And there he found a character named Honi. And this man lived in ancient Israel and at one occasion the region in Israel was experiencing this great time of drought, and so this guy, he drew a circle in the dust and he stood inside that circle and he informed God, I will not move until it rains. Well then it began to drizzle and he told God I expect more rain than that, and it began to pour. And he told God, you know what, make it a calm rain, and the rain calmed down.

Well, of course, Batterson makes this into something all Christians can do, all Christians should do. He tells us the purpose of the book is to draw circles or walk circles or imagine circles around anything that we want. And then because we’ve done that, God gives them to us. These circles, he says, are the key to effective prayer. What’s the problem with this? Well first, the whole thing comes from outside the Bible. That alone should be a big source of concern. Second, within the Bible, God gives us all sorts of instruction on prayer, but He never says a single thing about drawing circles, about making circles. And then third, what Batterson teaches, it’s completely indistinguishable from the whole name it and claim it of the prosperity gospel. Just like Wilkinson, he’s taking advantage of our greed and perhaps our lack of understanding about prayer, and he’s offering what appears to be an easier and more satisfying, a more immediate answer. And yet his book, and all the various books that came from it, they sold more than a million copies.


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  1. Ca să nu fie prea mult într-o zi, le-amm decalat pe câteva zile.

  2. Hi Dan,

    The links don’t work for me on both emails with this theme.

    Am I off limits?

    I normally don’t bother when this happens but this sounds interesting and would like to have access to the postings.

    How can I get them?




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