Papa dinaintea prăpădului

CHRISTIANS ASKING IS THE POPE STILL CATHOLIC? Preaches universalism: ‘Everything will be saved. Everything’ Pope Francis Is the pope Catholic? It’s not a punch line. It’s a question being asked about the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, Francis, who… Read More ›


Un suflet delicat a scris un articol drăguț. Putem învăța multe și din această expunere. I love learning about God’s messengers and how they function in the spirit realm. I also believe understanding how angels operate is important for Christians…. Read More ›

O impresionantă sursă de predici scrise

A.W. Tozer (490) Alan Redpath (175) Art Katz (586) Bakht Singh (87) Basilea Schlink (281) Bill McLeod (191) Carter Conlon (590) Chuck Smith (770) Corrie Ten Boom (42) David Wilkerson (551) Denny Kenaston (237) Derek Prince (54) Duncan Campbell (33) Erlo Stegen (314) George Verwer (669) George Warnock (51) Hans R. Waldvogel (142) J. Edwin Orr (68) J…. Read More ›

Was Luther Insane?

by R.C. Sproul BIOGRAPHY, THE REFORMATION, & THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY With the advent of modern psychoanalysis, it’s become popular to evaluate the psyches of famous historical figures: people like Alexander the Great, Moses, Nero, and others. One of the favorite… Read More ›