Citirea zilnică – Iov


Important Information

Author: Unknown
Themes: Man’s Suffering, God’s Sovereignty
Category: Poetry/ Wisdom

Fascinating Facts

  1. Job is considered by many to be the oldest book of the Bible and, very possibly, the oldest book in the world.
  2. Job is the fourth of four Old Testament books in which its author is unknown (see also Judges, Ruth, and Esther).
  3. The book of Job refers to Satan by name more times than any other book in the Bible (fourteen times).
  4. The book of Job uses the name of “Almighty” (Shaddai) for God more times than any other book in the Bible (thirty-one times).
  5. Job is the only book in the Bible that makes references to what many believe were the dinosaurs, behemoth and leviathan (40: 15; 41: 1).
  6. Job contains the only recorded conversation in Scripture between God and Satan in heaven (1: 6– 12; 2: 1– 6).
  7. Job is the one book in the Bible largely devoted to the subject of human suffering.
  8. Job contains far more archaic language than any other book in the Bible, because it is an ancient book. Sixteen times in this book, Job asks God the question, “Why?”
  9. In Job 38– 41, God confronts Job with at least seventy-five questions of His own!
  10. The book of Job is directly quoted twice in the New Testament (Rom. 11: 35; 1 Cor. 3: 19), and both Ezekiel (14: 14) and James (5: 11) refer to the person of Job.
  11. The final five chapters of Job give us a significant overview of God’s creation.

Quotable Quotes

Though the book is ancient, its insights are remarkably modern, and its message is needed more today than ever before. —Henry M. Morris

[Job is] more magnificent and sublime than any other book of Scripture. —Martin Luther I call this book, apart from all theories about it, one of the grandest things ever written with pen. . . . There is nothing written, I think, in the Bible or out of it, of equal literary merit. —Thomas Carlyle

The book of Job is perhaps the greatest masterpiece of the human mind. —Victor Hugo

Notable Notes

The book of Job contains an intriguing recurrence of the numbers seven and three: seven sons and three daughters; seven thousand sheep and three thousand camels; three friends who sat with Job for seven days; and so on.

Christ Connections

Christ can be found in Job as:
Ever-Living Redeemer

Lasseigne, Jeff (2017-01-24). Unlocking the Scriptures: What the Bible Is, How We Got It, and Why We Can Trust It (Kindle Locations 2676-2701). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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