Citirea zilnică – Estera


Important Information

Author: Unknown
Theme: The Providence of God
Category: History

Fascinating Facts

  1. Esther is the third of four Old Testament books whose author is unknown (see also Judges, Ruth, and Job).
  2. Esther is the second of only two books in the Bible named after a woman (see also Ruth).
  3. Esther is the first of only two books in the Bible that does not mention God by name or the title of “Lord” (see also Song of Solomon).
  4. Esther is the one book in the Bible devoted entirely to the providence of God. Esther is the only book that gives us the origin of the Feast of Purim (ch. 9), or that even mentions this festival.
  5. Esther contains the longest single verse in the Bible, ninety words (8: 9). The book of
  6. Esther is never quoted or alluded to in the New Testament.
  7. Esther’s story takes place in Persia and gives us a window into the customs and culture of the Persian empire.
  8. The book of Esther contains no recorded miracles and yet the entire story, knit together, is a very miraculous story.
  9. The book of Esther is a clear illustration of God’s promise made to Abraham and his descendants in Genesis 12: 3, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you.”
  10. Reference to “the Jews” is made forty-three times in this book.

Quotable Quotes

An alternative title for the book of Esther might well be “The Romance of Providence,” for providence might be said to be the key word by which to remember the main theme and teaching. God is certainly out of sight, hidden, unrecognized, but He is all the time at work, completing His plan and purpose for individuals, nations, and the universe. —A. T. Pierson Esther could be compared to a chess game. God and Satan (as invisible players) moved real kings, queens, and nobles. When Satan put Haman into place, it was as if he announced “Check.” God then positioned Esther and Mordecai in order to put Satan into “Checkmate!” —John MacArthur Jr.

If the name of God is not here, His finger is. —Matthew Henry Tucked away in the Bible in an obscure corner of the Old Testament is the little book of Esther. . . . It is a gripping tale, but one might rather expect to find it in the pages of Reader’s Digest than the Bible. —Ray C. Stedman

Notable Notes

When the book of Esther is read every year at the Feast of Purim, and the name of Haman is read, the people respond by stomping their feet on the floor and saying, “Let his name be blotted out! The name of the wicked will rot!” Oftentimes the children will have special Purim rattles and will shake them every time they hear Haman’s name read. Then, at the end of the reading,

Christ Connections

Christ can be found in Esther as:
Our Mordecai
Our Advocate

Lasseigne, Jeff (2017-01-24). Unlocking the Scriptures: What the Bible Is, How We Got It, and Why We Can Trust It (Kindle Locations 2674-2676). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.



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