Citirea zilnică – Neemia


Important Information

Author: Ezra and/ or Nehemiah
Themes: Prayer and Perseverance
Category: History

Fascinating Facts

  1. Nehemiah contains the longest prayer in the Old Testament (9: 5– 38).
  2. Nehemiah begins and ends with prayer and throughout the book is filled with twelve instances of prayers.
  3. Chronologically, Nehemiah is the last historical book of the Old Testament. Nehemiah was the most autobiographical of the historical writers.
  4. Nehemiah’s life is one of the very best examples of spiritual leadership in the Bible.
  5. The decree of King Artaxerxes in Nehemiah 2: 8 is the beginning of Daniel’s famous seventy weeks (Dan. 9: 25– 27).
  6. The person of Nehemiah is not mentioned anywhere else in Scripture outside of this book.
  7. Nehemiah is never quoted anywhere in the New Testament.
  8. The prophet Malachi was a contemporary of Nehemiah’s and helped to rebuke the sins of the people in Jerusalem.
  9. Nehemiah prayed and fasted for four months and then led in the difficult task of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem in only fifty-two days (6: 15)!
  10. The word build is used nearly two dozen times in this book.
  1. Quotable Quotes

Let us learn this lesson from Nehemiah: you never lighten the load unless you first have felt the pressure in your own soul. You are never used of God to bring blessing until God has opened your eyes and made you see things as they really are. There is no other preparation for Christian work than that. Nehemiah was called to build the wall, but first he had to weep over the ruins. —Alan Redpath

[Nehemiah’s] achievements were as outstanding as his gifts. He rebuilt the ruined wall of Jerusalem in fifty-two days, when nobody else thought it could be rebuilt at all. . . . He takes his place, by right, as it seems to me, with the greatest leaders of God’s people in the Bible story— with Moses and David and Paul. Nehemiah was truly a marvelous man. —J. I. Packer

May God, who raised up Nehemiah, raise up many like him in our day. The church has seldom been in greater need of such leaders. —James Montgomery Boice Nehemiah, although an ordinary man underneath, emerges as one of the most significant leaders in history. He was highly motivated to do a job for God that had many difficult circumstances surrounding it. —Charles R. Swindoll

Notable Notes

In the book of Joshua, Joshua was called by the Lord to bring down a wall around Jericho. In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah was called by the Lord to raise up a wall around Jerusalem. Both were godly men and godly leaders, but were called to opposite tasks.

Christ Connections

Christ can be found in Nehemiah as:

Rebuilder of the Broken Walls
Governor of the Church
Restorer and Protector

Lasseigne, Jeff (2017-01-24). Unlocking the Scriptures: What the Bible Is, How We Got It, and Why We Can Trust It (Kindle Locations 2646-2647). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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