What were the 5 most popular practical shepherding blog posts of 2012?

Există un blog pentru păstori și problemele lor (http://practicalshepherding.com). Iată cele mai populare posturi publicate anul trecut:

Happy new year!  It has been a fruitful year of discussion on this blog.  I continue to be so grateful for your support and insightful contributions.  Keep them coming as we expand this year.  Now, on to the top posts.  Again, I picked them, not just based on numbers of hits, but those that struck up a great conversation and seemed to be a hot button that needed to be addressed.  Based on that criteria, here are my top 5 from 2012:

Honorable mention:

Why should a pastor preach through whole books of the Bible?

What are 10 practical tools to hospital visitation?

How do you help a 5-year-old grieve over the sudden loss of her daddy?


Here are the top 5 starting with #5…

#5 What are 3 common areas of neglect in a pastor’s life?

#4 How do you discern the conversion of a child?

#3 Warning!  This blog has been hijacked…by a pastor’s wife.

#2 How should a mother pray for her children with her children?


Most popular blog post of 2012 is…

#1 What are 10 practical ways to love and serve your wife?

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