Două minciuni care străbat astăzi lumea

Nu, nu-mi spuneți ceva despre ce nu este în acest mesaj. Concentrați-vă la mesaj , numai la mesaj. Veți avea un moment de străfulgerare până în adâncul conștiinței. Vă va folosi.

Categories: Studiu biblic, Teologice

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  1. IT is so OBVIOUS that the Almighty’s thoughts are not our thoughts, let alone closer to His thoughts! Consider the creation of LIFE on our planet–an incredible masterpiece of creation that stands in opposition to the utter destructive star we call “sun”. God has posted 6 layers of protection from the destructive power of the sun! Just the “magnetosphere” alone consists of 600 miles layer of protection–an incredible divine feat which humans cannot imagine! And there are 5 more powerful layers of protection…for our comfort and survival. Yes, His thoughts, in every respect are far above all humans thoughts–as prophet Isaiah confirms! In the New Testament, however, there is a statement in the First Epistle of Corinthians, Chap. 2:16 [William Tyndale translation that says: “…we understand the mind of Christ”.]. The KJV has it in error: As written by Tyndale text, it is plenty obvious that the premiere Apostles understood “the mind of Christ”–a far cry from the era of Isaiah…when no one understood Almighty’s mind (let alone His thoughts). The aforementioned New Testament’s statement by (the faithful and master translator) martyr, William Tyndale has revealed so much truth to the “latter days” believers in Jesus Christ!

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