5 Clues That God is Changing Your Course

Sometimes we meander along in this life, happy and content and confident in the path God has shown us. Then all of a sudden, when we least expect it, we just aren’t quite as sure as we used to be.

Know what I mean? This happened to our family not too long ago.

You see, once upon a time, I believed we would always be a homeschooling family.

Not because I thought homeschooling was God’s plan for every Christian family, but because I felt so strongly that it was what He wanted for our family, and I had a hard time imagining anything different.

But then our family circumstances began to change, and my husband and I began to wonder…  Is God redirecting us? Does He have a different plan for us during this season? How do we decide between continuing to homeschool and enrolling our kids in school? Both options are good. But which one is better? Most importantly, which one is His best for us at this point in time?

So we debated both options back and forth. We discussed. We evaluated. And we covered the whole process in lots and lots of prayer.

God’s leading soon became clear. What started as questioning became unwavering certainty that God was, in fact, redirecting us toward Christian school.

How did we know? What did God’s leading look like? Looking back, I can see five ways God led us to change course.

(A word of caution: I don’t think any of these five clues would have been sufficient on their own to warrant such a drastic change in direction, but the compilation of all five made God’s leading undeniable in our situation.)

5 Clues That God Is Changing Your Course

1.) God’s equipping changes.

God always equips us to do what He calls us to do. So when the supernatural supply starts to dwindle, it’s time to evaluate whether His calling has shifted.

In this particular decision for our family, while the intense special needs of our three foster children required more and more of our time and attention, the academic needs of our three biological children were also heightening.

Seeking God's Direction

2.) A persistent thought.

For believers who are walking closely with the Lord, His Spirit has a way of repeatedly nudging our minds as a way of directing us. This can come in many forms, but if it’s continuous over a significant period of time (and in tandem with other clues), it’s likely that God is revealing His will.

3.) The feelings of others involved.

When we were homeschooling, my kids were completely happy, and would’ve balked at the idea of attending school. But without even knowing their parents were praying about a potential transition, our kids began to show an interest in attending the Christian school affiliated with our church. How kind our God is, to work in the hearts of our children as He’s working in our own!

4.) Passions shift.

I still wholeheartedly believe that homeschool is a wonderful means of educating children, and those years I was able to homeschool will always be deeply cherished in my heart. But as God fanned the flames of my passion for foster parenting and writing, He allowed my passion for homeschooling my children to dwindle.

5.)Confirmation of godly counsel.

Proverbs 11:14 tells us: “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” As we shared this experience with trusted family members and close friends, they were able to pose questions we hadn’t considered, and to ultimately confirm their agreement that our decision was sound.

Seeking God's Direction

Stepping Out In Faith

While this collection of clues led us to what we believed was a solid choice, making a change like this still required us to step out in faith. God didn’t write an answer in the sky or tattoo it on the foreheads of our children. And so before the decision was final, there came a time when we claimed the truth of Proverbs 3:5-6, and prayed something like this:

“Father, You know that we just want to honor You with this decision. We long to ensure that Your will is accomplished in this matter. We believe this is the direction in which You’re leading us, but if we’re wrong, we’re trusting You to prevent us from continuing on this path. Please lead us as You’ve promised to do when we acknowledge You.”

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