Care este diferența dintre ,,cârtire“ și ,,plângeri“ ? – un răspuns necesar

The Difference Between Lament and Grumbling

In the Bible we see both grumbing and lamenting. It seems that one is permitted by God and one is not. So what is the difference?


Today I want to take on a question I got from somebody who’s watched some of these videos. Sent through a question I thought was quite interesting. It was essentially about the difference between lament and grumbling. So let me read the question. What is the difference between the complaining or murmuring we’re not supposed to do, and that includes two texts, Philippians 2, verse 14, and 1st Corinthians 10, verse 10, and lamenting like we see in the Psalms? I’ll tip my cards and say, I think the main difference is pride and humility. Let me tell you how we get there.


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