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The Sovereignty of Man

The Sovereignty of Man

From the beginning of time, thinkers have puzzled over the paradox of fate vs. Free Will. In theological terms, this leads to the struggle between Calvinism and Arminianism. As we explore this paradox we find that examining the fruit of each position reveals that the River of Life seems to flow between these two extremes, and that again, truth involves a careful balance.

We hear a lot about the “Sovereignty of God”: and the prerogatives of our Creator are pretty obvious.

As the children’s riddle goes, “Where does the gorilla sleep in the forest?”

“Anywhere he wants to.”

And, as most of you have discovered, He has also given us one of His greatest treasures — His Word. Jealous as He is of His Name, Psalm 138:2 highlights: “…for thou hast magnified thy word above thy name.”

And indeed, God has declared in detail the responsibilities He desires of His people. The Bible lays out just how He desires to be worshipped, etc.

Beyond the mysteries associated with the “sovereignty of God” — and the libraries are full of studies on that subject — there emerges what is, to many of us, an even more troubling mystery: The Sovereignty of Man!

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