Planul globaliștilor în migrațiile provocate

 Dacă nu poți fi mai deștept ca restul, fă-i pe ei mai proști decât tine! Assistăm la un proces de idiotizare a maselor.

The degenerate, sterile West is falling to Islam by design. The globalist plan, as mentioned by many of their top “leftists” like Bertrand Russell, has been to depopulate and alter the demographics drastically in order to bring about a genuinely technocratic global world order. Far from the problem of the West being “idiot” liberals and moron SJWs, the real strategists are anything but, and know good and well liberalism and Islam are both tools on the global chessboard. The top strategists and policy makers and technocrats all write about it – even worse, while Muslims may feel they are gaining the upper hand, the coming global order is designed to destroy their populations as well, with toxic culture that has already decimated the West.

Jay Scott

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