Citirea zilnică – Psalmii


Important Information

Author: David and Others
Theme: Praise and Worship
Category: Poetry/ Wisdom

Fascinating Facts

  1. Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
  2. Psalms contains the longest chapter (119) and the shortest chapter (117) in the Bible.
  3. Psalms is the most quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament, and Psalm 110: 1 is the most quoted Old Testament verse in the New Testament.
  4. Psalm 117 is the middle chapter of the Bible (out of 1,189 total).
  5. Psalms is the most Messianic of the Old Testament books.
  6. Jesus quoted from Psalms at the beginning and at the end of His ministry (John 2: 17; Luke 23: 46).
  7. Almost every psalm contains some note of praise to God.
  8. Psalm 23 is one of the most familiar, best-known, and well-loved passages of Scripture.
  9. No other book of the Bible is so filled with devotional material and expressions as Psalms.
  10. Every great doctrine in the Bible is taught, expressed, or implied in Psalms.
  11. One hundred of the 150 psalms identify the author’s name.
  12. Of the 150 psalms in this book, about half identify David as the writer.
  13. Every attribute or characteristic of God’s divine nature is found in the Psalms.
  14. The word praise is used over 175 times throughout Psalms.
  15. The book of Psalms is the best example in the Bible of the nature of Hebrew poetry.
  16. In Psalms, the word salvation is found over sixty times, more than twice that of any other book in the Bible.
  17. Psalms is the only book in the Bible that begins with the word blessed.
  18. Psalms has more authors than any other book in the Bible.
  19. Psalms is the only book of the Bible quoted by Satan (in Matt. 4: 6 Satan quotes Ps. 91: 11– 12).

Quotable Quotes

In this book of Psalms the tempted and the tested gain fortitude from pilgrims of yesterday, whose feet have bled along the same thorny pathway. —J. Sidlow Baxter

Although all Scripture breathes the grace of God, yet sweet beyond all others is the book of Psalms. History instructs, the Law teaches, Prophecy announces, rebukes, chastens, Morality persuades; but in the book of Psalms we have the fruit of all these, and a kind of medicine for the salvation of men. —Ambrose of Milan

Moses gave to the Israelites the five books of the Law; and David gave them the five books of the Psalms. —ancient Jewish statement He that would be wise, let him read the Proverbs; he that would be holy, let him read the Psalms. —R. Steele

Notable Notes

C. H. Spurgeon’s greatest written work was undoubtedly The Treasury of David, his extensive commentary on the book of Psalms, which took him over twenty years to research and write. It sold over 148,000 copies while Spurgeon was still alive! After completing it, Spurgeon said, “A tinge of sadness is on my spirit as I quit The Treasury of David, never to find on this earth a richer storehouse. . . . Blessed have been the days spent in meditating, mourning, hoping, believing, and exulting with David.”

Christ Connections

Christ can be found in Psalms as:
Our Shepherd
All in All
Beloved of God
Our Rock and Fortress

Lasseigne, Jeff. – Unlocking the Scriptures: What the Bible Is, How We Got It, and Why We Can Trust It . Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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