O iarnă ca niciodată

Stațiunile montane din california, locul de joacă al copiilor noștri, sunt troienite de omăt. Vă invit să … priviți de departe și să vă mirați.

Gallery: 50-plus feet of snow in California right now—enough to ski till summer


You’ve all likely heard about the absolutely ridiculous season California has had… Repeated storms have dropped foot after foot, yard after yard, burying homes, cars and even lifts. Mammoth, for example, is currently reporting about 510 inches (42.5 feet) and Squaw Alpine sits at 565 inches (45 feet). Both of the aforementioned resorts are already planning to be open through the Fourth of July… Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, just over the border in Nevada? 636 inches (53 feet). Sugar Bowl? 620 inches (51.5 feet). That is straight up ridiculous, people, and to show you just how ridiculous, we’ve gathered a bunch of photos for you, below.


Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain

Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain

Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain-

See more at: http://freeskier.com/stories/gallery-50-plus-feet-of-snow-in-california-right-now-enough-to-ski-till-summer#sthash.OMOBCqDN.dpuf


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