Kamal Saleem – terorist trimis in USA sa distruga, dar …

Published on May 2, 2014

Is radical Islam the most broadly disguised present danger to Christians, Jews and non-Muslims? From a young age, Kamal Saleem was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and other radical Muslim groups. His world was turned upside down when a Christian surgeon treated him following a very serious automobile accident that could have killed him. Kamal has since become a man with a mission—an Ambassador for Christ. Join Rabbi Jonathan Bernis as he and Kamal discuss his new DVD series that unveils the threat of Islamic extremism and the hope for Muslim’s redemption.

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  1. Draga frate Daniel multumim pentru clipul postat am remarcat un detaliu care m a facut sa postez acest comentariu Urmaresc cu interes de multa vreme toate postarile privitoare la NAR New Apostolic Reformation . Eram familiarizat ce cede ace NAR numeste “Seven Mountain Mandate” Am ramas de a dreptul socat sa aud in clipul postat ca Invatatura aceasta a cel or sapte sfere de influenta este de fapt parte din invatatura Musulmanilor. Inca un motiv care ne face sa ne dam seama ca invatatura celor de la NAR nu este biblica . Amintesc ca Iosif Ton a imbratisat si propaga invatatura celor de la NAR.E infricosator fiecare ar trebui sa si verifice temelia pe care cladeste in vremuri ca acestea


  1. Kamal Saleem – terorist trimis in USA sa distruga, dar … | radupopescublog

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