El poate!

Isus Christos rezista la orice batjocorire!  A demonstrat-o deja!

Spre deosebire de Mahomed sau alti dumnezei de comanda, Isus Christos rezista la orice batjocorire. Au facut-o cei din vremea Lui. Au facut-o de atunci incoace milioane de oameni. Au facut-o dusmanii Lui si au facut-o “urmasii Lui”, prin vietuirea lor pacatoasa. Asta nu l-a facut mai mic sau mai neputincios. Statura Lui nu poate fi influentata de faptele sau cuvintele noastre. Aruncam cu noroi in sus si ne vine inapoi pe fata. Noi suntem cei patati, nu El. Asa se va intampla si de data aceasta. El nu are nevoie de apararea noastra. Adevarul este unul singur, dar ne va invinge pana la urma pe toti.

Comedy Central considers cartooning Jesus

Network that censors images of Muhammad wants ‘JC’ in lead role as ‘regular guy’

Posted: May 06, 2010
3:14 pm Eastern

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Image from Comedy Central

Comedy Central may be sensitive enough to Islamic concerns to bleep out the words “Prophet Muhammad” on an episode of “South Park,” but it apparently has no such qualms about portraying Jesus Christ on-screen.

The network is considering a new cartoon that would feature “JC” as a “regular guy” who wants to get away from his father’s “enormous shadow.”

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