Murdăriile politice din familia Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s campaign employed hackers and lawyers to spy on Donald Trump at Trump Tower before he was elected president. And the campaign continued spying on Donald Trump at the White House while he was president. This revelation comes from evidence collected by Special Counsel John Durham. Clinton’s spying operation also fabricated an accusation against Trump that he had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Think about it: A presidential candidate who was defeated in a legitimate election actually hired people to breach national security and create a false narrative in an effort to steal the election after the fact! Rep. Mike Turner, the ranking Republican on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, told Fox News that the Clinton campaign tried to “frame the president of the United States as having Russia ties” and that the Durham filing proves it. Donald Trump issued a statement asserting, “What Hillary Clinton and the radical left Democrats did with respect to spying on a president of the United States, even while in office, is a far bigger crime than Watergate.”

Watergate is the name of the 1972–1974 scandal that Democrats used to bring down a president. It is one of the best-known scandals of our lifetimes. News media corporations celebrate it as legendary.

This is bigger than that.

Those same corporate news media covered the Trump-Russia accusation nonstop, for years, including all the details of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into it. Right up until—and even after—Mueller finally, dubiously, awkwardly closed his investigation by providing zero proof of Russian collusion.

Now we have an accusation that is obviously just as grave. The stakes are just as high. A special counsel, John Durham, is investigating. But the silence is deafening. News executives and reporters are taking great pains to avoid this crucial topic as much as possible.

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