Cel mai bun program … necunoscut până acum

Cineva a stârnit o listă de programe folositoare, dar necunoscute publicului larg. Lista aceasta ar trebui păstrată undeva la îndemână.


Cel mai bun traducător Online. Mult mai precis decât Google!


Best translator I’ve found. It’s quite intuitive and even translates idioms and slang. They’ve got around 20 languages as of their most recent update.

Pentru traduceri tehnice sau de specialitate:

Try Linguee for terms highly specific to certain topics like engineering, it shows you segments of webpages or texts in both languages you are looking at so you can see from context which translation fits.


Pentru cei ce vor să aibă negative muzicale:


It separates music from words, it’s pretty neat!


Un program care asortează culorile


Randomly generates 5 matching colors for you to use for paint jobs or designing


Editați fotografii fără Photoshop!

remove.bg is a great way to remove any background.


Pentru cei blocați de Randsomware:

ID Ransomware https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/

If you ever get Ransomware in your computer you can take a encrypted file and out it into this website and it will tell you if any security researchers have cracked it so you can get your files back. And if it hasn’t been cracked you can sign up for email notification so when it is cracked you get an email. I havnt used it but someday it might save me or you.


Pentru cei ce publică VIDEO sau vor să folosească clipuri fără copyright:

I ADORE mynoise.net. It’s an archive of customizable sound generators with everything from music, nature sounds, sound cancelling, ambiances, and meditative drones etc. I focus best with some kind of white noise, and this website has a ton to choose from and it is free. My favorite feature is the customizable, animated sliders so you can listen to storms that ebb and grow automatically. It is great for TTRPGs too. The sound engineer who runs it has put together all kinds of specific settings like churches, cities, forests, faires, dungeons, etc. Seriously, people should check it out


everynoise.com : This website contains every obscure sub genre of music imaginable. You can find some great music you’ve never heard of there.


Pentru planificarea vacanțelor și a călătoriilor:


Gives you full directions from any two places from door to door including trains, busses and ferries. With options to fly to nearby places and take transit to get to your final destination.


Dacă doriți să învățați o limbă străină:

If you’re interested in languages or trying to learn a new language I recommend Forvo.com, you can look up a word and hear native speakers pronounce it. It’s based on volunteers uploading their recordings of the various words. It’s pretty useful for when you’re working on your pronounciation





Pentru grafică și ilustrații:

https://storyset.com/ or https://undraw.co/

Open-sourced illustrations by designers who contribute on their spare time ❤️


Dacă vreți să ascultați radio din diferite colțuri ale lumii:

http://radio.garden/visit – you can hear radios live from all around the world. (I recommend accessing on computer or installing the app on mobile)


Dacă vreți să scăpați de oferte și reclame pe paginile vizitate:

Creator of 12ft.io here!

Thanks for all the interest in the site. I know, it’s not perfect. I’m going to continue developing it. Y’alls support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s what i’m trying to do.

I believe that ads and SEO killed the soul of the web. Websites can throw on popups, email captures, newsletters, inline ads, etc. We have to wade through all this crap just to find out the content is some click bait optimized garbage. It’s abuse of your brain.

As users of the internet, we have no recourse. We have to wait until a new site the publishes similar content to come up, and just hope to god that they aren’t as bad. It’s completely one sided.

I want 12ft to be the suite of tools that allows us users of the internet to fight back against these malicious practices. It starts with a Chrome extension, but it’ll grow to much more as long as y’all want it.


Pentru cei ce vor să consulte lucrări academice de specialitate în pregătirea examenelor:

Sci-hub get (almost) any research paper for free, just copy the link/DOI of the document and it’ll show you the pdf

Library genesis free pdf’s of math/physics/chemistry/biology/medicine/etc, finished my degree thanks to this one, a bunch of times a book of a course was just too hard to find or incredible expensive to but, but in libgen I got the digital pdf of the book in a few seconds, very neat.


LibGen Got me through my undergrad. I avoided spending about $1K on rental books because of it. I never needed sci hub since universities have journal subscriptions, but journal access is too damn expensive and having it now is a dream.


Pentru cei în criză de inspirație pentru dejun:

Mealime (it’s an app). Instead of doing those expensive meal deliveries, this app let’s you pick out the recipes and builds a grocery list for you. It’s amazing!! Step by step instructions, and you can filter dietary restrictions. I love it! I go back to it whenever I get in a food-rut.

And it’s free!


Similarly, myfridgefood will give you recipe based on what’s in your fridge!


Dacă vreți să vă asigurați că doctorul nu este cointeresat financiar să vă prescrie medicamente:


Open Payments can help you identify doctors who may have conflicting interests concerning your health.

When you look up a physician, the site will provide a breakdown of payments (usually gifts or such) from pharmaceutical companies and/or medical device companies.


Dacă vreți să aflați cel mai bun preț al unui articol de pe Amazon:


You can track the historical price of any product on Amazon, that way you can be sure you’re actually getting a fair deal and not an inflated price. You can also set it up to send you notifications when the price of a given product goes below certain amount.

Saved a bunch of money thanks to it.

Camelcamelcamel.com does the same thing and they have a nice browser add on too.

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