Preluat doar pentru bucuria noastră: Depre PERSECUȚIA Bisericii

Harry Mihet

Publicat pe iulie 15, 2021 de dininimapentrutine

TYRANTS BEWARE: Persecuting the Lord’s Church WILL be hazardous to your bank account!

Two months ago we obtained a historic, permanent injunction against California Governor Gavin Newsom, forever prohibiting him from imposing discriminatory COVID restrictions on the Church which are not imposed on everyone else. In addition, because of the THOUSANDS of hours that he forced #LibertyCounsel attorneys and staff to pour into the legal case necessary to bring him to justice, the federal court also ordered Newsom to send us a check for $1,350,000.

Newsom was a little slow, but he has finally paid up. His check arrived today! Thanks to his generous support, we are now able to pay off the mortgage on our ministry center, and we can continue to serve the Lord, debt free.

Our great God has an amazing sense of irony!!!

As wonderful as it is when we get the enemies of Freedom to pay for our legal fees, such awards only fund about 25% or less of our enormous expenses in defending the Constitution, coast-to-coast. Thus, we must continue to rely on the Lord to meet our needs through generous and faithful supporters, like you.

Thank you for standing with us, and for joining Governor Newsom in supporting the vital ministry of Liberty Counsel 😉 ! To God be all glory.

Sic semper tyrannis.

[Press Release linked in first comment]

P.S. – someone should send this to the „legal bomb” writers at „Salon,” if you want to see some liberal-Marxist heads explode.

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