Vara este sezonul misiunilor! Societatea misionară română vă oferă o colaborare de excepție

A burning heart for a place across the World.
Even after 50+ Years
For over 50 years, the RMS has been the vessel that God has used to bring the message of the Gospel to Romanians all over the world.
We are continuing this blessed legacy, working to reach this nation in Romania and the Diaspora with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ:
– by sharing the love of Jesus through care and support for orphans, widows and the most poor,
– by enabling pastors and missionaries to serve in the most remote and least reached areas,
– by encouraging and supporting young men to pursue theological education, by equipping and discipling the young generation of Christians,
– by making available quality Christian resources in Romanian, and
– by contributing to church plants and constructions, everything with the sole purpose of boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Join us as we continue to serve the Romanian nation worldwide in the name of Jesus!


  • 847 386 9024
  • P.O. Box 527, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
  • Facebook: /romissions
  • /romanianmissionarysociety

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