Saudi Writer Attacks Palestinians: You Aren’t Arabs, The Land Belongs To Israel – Vos Iz Neias

RIYADH (VINnews) — During the last few days social media has seen a “tweeting war” between Palestinians and Saudis after Palestinian media published caricatures gloating over the Saudi losses from the sharp drop in oil prices. The Palestinians even mocked Saudi consort Mohammed Bin Salman and criticized them for broadcasting pro-Israel sitcoms. The Saudis, incensed at Palestinian ingratitude for their financial support, responded angrily. A prominent Saudi writer, Rawff Bin-a-Sa’in, harshly condemned the Palestinians.

Bin-a-Sa’in wrote: Palestinian, you are no Arab. You have know land and there is no such thing as the “Palestinian issue.” The land belongs to Israel. Yitzhak Shamir, Rabin, and Golda were heroes. Netanyahu is a coward. Netanyahu, burn these gangsters! Free us and the world from the presence of the Palestinians. Why leave them?

I’m willing to host a Jew in my house but I’m not willing to host a Palestinian

In another place Bin-a-Sa’in wrote:

Israel is a Jewish state which belongs to the children of Israel. You have no right to the land of Israel. The Jews are the children of Isaac and we Arabs are children of Yishmael- we are cousins.

But you (Palestinians), who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you interfering? You are remnants of nations: gypsies, Turkmans, Circassians, Mongols.. why are you interfering between Jews and Arabs? The Jews are on their land, you have no land.

There is no Aqsa (mosque). There is Jerusalem. The Aqsa mosque mentioned in our writings is in Al-Ju’ranna, 29 kilometers from the city of Ta’if in Saudia.

You scream and wail that you have a “Palestinian issue” by which you raise funds from Arab citizens from Saudia, from me as well…using the slogan “give Rial (Saudi coins) and save Arabs” but who said you’re Arabs? And then you go and curse the people who donate money to you. Is that ethical? Is that moral? No!

Source: Saudi Writer Attacks Palestinians: You Aren’t Arabs, The Land Belongs To Israel – Vos Iz Neias

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