Doi ruși la răscruci de vremuri

Article of the Day

The Secret Speech

After Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953, Nikita Krushchev emerged from a bitter power struggle as the Communist party’s first secretary. At the party’s Twentieth Congress in 1956, he delivered a “secret speech,” “On the Personality Cult and its Consequences,” harshly denouncing Stalin and his policies. The program of de-Stalinization, which had already begun, was thus supported and continued by Khrushchev. When was the full text of this “secret speech” finally officially released to the public?More…

This Day in History

Alexander II of Russia Signs the Edict of Emancipation (1861)

Signed by Czar Alexander II of Russia, the 1861 Edict of Emancipation granted liberty to more than 23 million serfs, about one-third of the Russian population. The edict extended to the serfs the full rights of citizens, in particular, the right to own property—which they were to receive from the landlords and pay off over time. However, the process by which they were to acquire this land was slow, complex, and expensive, and the discontent it generated eventually helped what revolution succeed? More…

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