Convingerile sunt intolerante!

Pentru Noua Ordine Mondială, convingerile religioase sunt la același nivel cu suportul dat echipelor de fotbal. Bigotismul sportiv este la fel de elevat ca îmbrățișarea convingerilor despre lume, viață și eternitate. Este o metodă nouă de manipulare a opiniei publice.

Autorul se scandalizează că cei care au convingeri creștine nu sunt la fel de doritori să se căsătorească cu necredincioși (evrei sau musulmani) ca restul populației. ,,Restul“ populații sunt niște amețiți fără convingeri, gata să creadă gogorițele Noii Ordini Mondiale. Ei sunt stofa din care se croiește viitorul acestei societăți. Biserica este deja societatea veacului viitor.


Study shows that a large minority of Germans would not accept Jewish or Muslim family members

A new study shows intolerance toward Jewish and Muslim family members is most prevalent in Italy and Britain. Germany had one of the highest proportions of people not wanting Jewish family members.

Stock photo - Islam, Christianity and Judiasm (picture alliance /Godong/Robert Harding)

Around a third of Germans would not accept a Muslim into their family, and a fifth would not accept a Jew as a family member, a study has found.

The results of the report by the US-based Pew Research Center, released on Tuesday, have come amid heightened anxiety about Islam and anti-Semitism in Germany.

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How did Pew conduct the study? Pew surveyed 24,599 randomly selected adults across 15 Western European countries between April and August 2017. They categorized respondents according to whether they identified themselves as practicing Christian, non-practicing Christian or religiously unaffiliated.

German angst: Millions of refugees and migrants have arrived in Germany from the Middle East and Africa since 2015. The arrivals have sparked an anti-immigrant backlash and renewed political debates about the role of Islam in Germany. Some politicians have also linked the new arrivals to a rise in anti-Semitism.

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Most Western Europeans are non-practicing Christians graph

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