Ce ați zice dacă John Bunyan a fost ,,țigan“, rrom sau gipsy ?

Omul acesta, care a dat lumii cea mai citită carte creștină după Biblie, a fost un ,,căldărar“ itinerant din tată în fiu. Ce efect are această descoperire asupra voastr? Îl crește sau îl scade în ochii voștri?


Alte personalități din rândul țiganilor:


Yul Brynner
(Vladivostok, 7/7/1915 – New York, 10/10/1985)


An undoubtedly controversial person, his origins have been a mystery for many. Actually he had only 1/4th of Romany blood, and 1/4th Jewish, by his mother Marousia Blagovidova, whose father was a Russian Jew and her mother a Russian Gypsy. It was anyway among Roma that he began his adventurous life, playing guitar in Romany circles and working as a trapezist in circus. He was elected Honorary President of the Roma, an office that he kept until his death.

Sir Charles Chaplin
(Black Patch Park, Smethwick, Staffordshire, 16/4/1889 – Vevey, Switzerland, 25/12/1977)

Born Charles Spencer Chaplin, his parents were music hall artists. It was assumed that he was Jewish, an assertion that now is known to be not true. He felt strongly identified with the Jews and manifested his defence of the Jewish people, but there is not any documented source to assert with certainty if he had also Jewish ancestry. On the other side, it is known that his mother, Hannah Smith, was Romanichel, and also his father belonged to the Romany Smith family. Charles Chaplin was born in a Gypsy caravan in West Midlands and not in Walworth, London, as it was believed.
He was knighted in 1975.





Sir Michael Caine
(Rotherhithe, London, 14/3/1933)

Born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, it was a tradition of his Romanichel family to call Maurice the firstborn son.
As an actor, he was awarded twice with the Oscar (1986 and 1999). He was knighted in the year 2000 for his contribution to performing arts.

Sergiu Celibidache
(Roman, Romania, 11/6/1912 – München, Germany, 14/8/1996)

Sergiu Celibidache was undoubtedly one of the greatest orchestra conductors of the 20th century. He belonged to the numerous Romany minority of Romania. He was the Chief Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from 1945 to 1954 and of the Orchestre National de France from 1973 to 1975. Celibidache was also the guest conductor of the Orchester des Süddeutschen Rundfunks, Stuttgart, and co-operated with the Münchner Philharmoniker. By personal conviction, he refused to recording his performances for commercial purposes.

Maestro Ion Voicu
(Bucharest, Romania, 8/10/1923 -1997)

Considered the best violinist of Romania of all times, Ion Voicu was the founder of the Chamber Orchestra of Bucharest in 1969. He has performed with the most prestigious orchestras as the Berliner Philharmoniker and the London Symphony Orchestra, and with celebrities like Yehudi and Hepzibah Menuhin, David and Igor Oistrakh, Henryk Szeryng, Leonid Kogan, Cristoph Eschenbach, Monique Haas, etc.


Gheorghe Zamfir
(Găeşti, Dâmboviţa, 6/4/1941)


Gheorghe Zamfir is the most famous nai (pan-flute) virtuoso. Graduate as conductor in Bucharest, has introduced the pan flute in the most varied musical genres and has created the nai-organ style with innovative interpretations. He has performed in concerts worldwide, including Carnegie Hall of New York. For his achievements, he has received the Order for Cultural Merit of France, and the title of Chevalier of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Zamfir has also published essays and poetry, and is also a painter, having presented his works in exhibitions. He has also a foundation for humanitarian and cultural purposes.

Johnny Răducanu
(Brăila, Romania, 1/12/1931)

Called “Mr. Jazz of Romania”, is a pioneer of Jazz music in his country and an outstanding performer, mainly as pianist. He belongs to a Romany family of long musical tradition. He has played and recorded with many of the greatest Jazz artists, has been awarded with the Price of Excellence by the Union of Romanian Composers and has received an honorary membership of the New Orleans Jazz Academy. He is also the founder of the Romanian Jazz school and the President of Romanian Jazz Federation.




Elvis Presley
(East Tupelo, Mississippi, 8/1/1935 – Memphis, Tennessee, 16/8/1977)

It is not necessary to explain who Elvis Aaron Presley was. Perhaps what is less known of him is that his ancestors came from Germany in the early 18th century and their original surname was Pressler. They were part of the Sinti people commonly known as “Black Dutch”, also called “Chicanere” or “Melungeons”. It is also likely that from his mother’s side, Smith by surname, the family would have been of Romanichel origins, as it is common that Black Dutch and Romanichel intermarry, but keep separate from other groups.

Spaniard Pablo Picasso was proud of his Roma origin.

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