Încurajați antreprenorii români !

Cu speranța că sunt omeni de bine, vă retransmit oferta unor români pentru cei care trăiesc în USA:

Hi Branzai,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about our new Apela mobile plans. Apela is the ONLY mobile provider that combines a top-3 US wireless carrier network with a global network of low-cost international calling.

We are excited to share with you prices better than you’ll find in any retail store or online from a major wireless carrier.

Here are the plans we recommend for you, based on our discussion:


Unlimited talk, text, data and messaging
to 120 countries!


individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)

individual plan
data (LTE)
*Data is unlimited but LTE data (high speed) will be limited according to your plan. Usage beyond allowance may result in slower speeds.

**For shared data plans, a monthly service fee of $15 per line for smartphones and $10 per line for tablets applies.

Call me now at (248) 817-1612 or 248.817.1630 to ask for these deals, and ask for Mihai Marius Pop.

All wireless plans include:

  • Unlimited Mobile Plans with LTE Data
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • No Contract
  • Low-Cost Monthly Plans
  • Low-Cost Rates for International Calls
  • Unlimited SMS and Picture Messaging Nationwide
  • Unlimited SMS and Picture Messaging to over 180 Countries
  • Generous Referral Rewards Program
  • Optional Add-On: Unlimited or Pay-As-You-Go International Plans
For low rates and everything you need in a mobile plan, call me now at (248) 817-1612 or 248.817.1630.

The plans and prices offered here are exclusive to you, so online prices may differ. Take advantage of these deals today!

Happy Calling,
The Apela Team
3334 Rochester Rd, #128, Troy, MI 48083

248.817.1621  |  Contact Us  |  Apela

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