Boycot Israel ?! Stop using computers!

Majoritatea celor care propun ideea boicotării produselor făcute în Israel își răspândesc ideile cu ajutorul procesoarelor ,,made in Israel“ ! De ce nu așteaptă până vor apare cele făcute de palestinieni sau de cetățenii celorlalte țări arabe?

Din Wikipedia:

As with previous Intel processors (such as the 8088, Banias, Dothan, Conroe, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Skylake), Kaby Lake’s development was led by Intel’s Israeliteam, based in Haifa.[17] Intel Israel Development Centers manager Ran Senderovitz said: “When we started out on the project, we were only thinking about basic improvements from the previous generation. But we began looking at things differently with a lot of innovation and determination and we achieved major improvements.” He added that the performance of the seventh generation chips was improved by 12% for applications and 19% for Internet use compared with the sixth generation chips.[18] Third-party benchmarks do not confirm these percentages as far as gaming is concerned.[19]


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