Nonsensuri teologice care au ajuns bestseller-uri publicitare! (4)

Există succese publicitare care măsoară inteligența autorilor și altele care măsoară prostia cititorilor. Un articol critic apărut în America dă pe față cinci falsuri care pot intra în categoria: ,,Și-au dat învățători după poftele lor“ (2 Tim. 4:3).


If you were to scan the lists of the best selling Christian books of all time you’d see some truly amazing books there. You’d see some books that have helped us better understand who God is and books that have instructed us. and how we as Christians can live lives of obedience to Him, and like you, I’m genuinely thankful for these books. Sadly though, you’d also see some truly flat-out awful books. Today I’ve narrowed down that list to the five most ridiculous books to ever become Christian bestsellers.

4. Heaven is for Real

And now we move to that heaven tourism genre. And you knew it had to get to this at some point, right? This whole genre began with Don Piper’s book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, where he claimed that he had died and he had gone to heaven and then he had returned.

Well, that book just absolutely took off, and wouldn’t you know it soon, everyone and their brother was dying and going to heaven and coming back of course. Or even better, people were remembering, oh yeah, I went to heaven too. So suddenly there was this entire genre of books that were all about sharing stories of going to heaven. Except for that one poor guy who spent 23 minutes in hell instead, but anyways.

Of all these books, and there were so many of them, the one that sold best was Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. And it told the story of his little boy Colton who survived this bout with appendicitis. But who after he recovered from surgery, began to tell his parents about some experiences he had had there in the surgery. Well he apparently died and he went to heaven and he met Jesus and he encountered angels and even met his sister who had died before he was born. That book also sold more than 10 million copies and it got turned into a movie.

Well, what’s the problem with Heaven is for Real and really what was the problem with all of these heaven tourism books? Well, first they all contradict one another in the details of heaven. Nobody seemed to notice this. Every single book speaks authoritatively of what heaven is about, but they all contradict one another. I mean that alone should make us doubt the whole genre, right?

But even more seriously, what they do, is they attempt to give us confidence in the existence of heaven when God tells us that confidence in the Bible, confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is how we gain confidence in heaven. So these books then essentially nudge out our confidence in God and in His Word, and they replace it with confidence in the tales of little children. And even of people who clearly have no real understanding of the Bible. People who are heavily involved in the new age even.

Bonus fact. Did you know that one of these best-selling authors has completely revoked his story? The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven had sold more than a million copies before that boy admitted, he didn’t really come back from heaven at all. He had never been there. In fact, he and his father had fabricated the entire story. It was, in fact, a bunch of malarkey.


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