Adevărat, dar inexplicabil (1)

15 Scientifically Unexplainable Places That Actually Exist

(Pay attention to #4!!!)

Some call them scientifically impossible places, we call them scientifically unexplainable places — and they’re totally real.

On this magnificent planet is a lake where the water is electric green and a volcano where the lava is neon-blue. There is a river where never-ending lightning storms rage on above it and even a well where petrified teddy bears hang within. We don’t know why and might never find out, but these scientifically unexplainable places are awesome and can be witnessed by anyone (though some of these might kill you.)

And if Disney’s Up taught us anything, “Adventure is out there!” So let’s take a look at these scientifically unexplainable places.

1. The Hum of the Taos

SOURCE: Aquiziam

In Taos, New Mexico, many residents of the area have been complaining about a constant humming sound heard almost everywhere in town since the 90s.

It’s been over 20 years and researchers can’t figure it out, but suggests that maybe the townspeople are “super-hearers” who just hear better than most other humans. (Wait, what?)

2. Circles of Namibia

SOURCE: George Steinmetz, National Geographic

In the Namib Desert there are fields of grass filled with perfect circles ranging from 10 to 65 feet in diameter.

Researchers thought it was termites that were culprits behind the circles, but that was disproved. Now they’re just a mystery.

3. Bermuda Triangle

SOURCE: Myths and Legends

In the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This is where many aircrafts and ships have disappeared throughout history.

Today, not nearly as many vessels and flying vehicles disappear, but some still do. People say its either a tropical cyclone-rich area (just above the legendary lost city of Atlantis) or a zone where magnetic forces mess with compasses causing travelers to get lost.

4. Movile Cave

SOURCE: The Romania Journal

In Romania, there is a cave with an atmosphere unlike any other — sulfuric beyond belief.

The Movile Cave hasn’t seen light in 5.5 million years and has a lake of sulphuric water that smells like rotting eggs, air containing hydrogen sulphide with 100 times the carbon dioxide than the surface. 33 species live there that don’t exist elsewhere. They also feed off the foam that forms on top of the stones.

It was discovered by laborers scouting for power plant locations — and they obviously didn’t put one here.

5. The Singing Rocks of Pennsylvania

SOURCE: Youtube

In Pennsylvania, on top of a hill, there is a field with strange rocks that sound like cymbals off a drum kit when struck.

The natives of the area said they came about through natural phenomenon, but the weird sound abilities are unknown.

(more to come) …


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