PASTOR NELU BRISC – Prezentarea cărții: O CETATE DE NECUCERIT, Portland – 26 Noiembrie 2017

Într-o lume plină de fricoși și de lași, fratele păstor NELU BRISC de la Biserica Română Baptistă din Portland, are curajul să prezinte o carte care atacă sistemul comunist, draconic opresiv, al vremurilor dinainte de Revoluția din 1989. Atunci, mulți frați și surori au fost întemnițați și torturați pentru Adevărul Evangheliei, în timp ce trădătorii se bucurau de arginții de o clipă ai celui rău! Mulțumesc Domnului pentru Oameni ca fratele Nelu, care au demnitatea și curajul să spună Adevărul, într-o lume învăluită în minciună și fariseism!

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    Recently, Anglican Church’s Archbishop Justin Welby trumpeted defeat before the forces of Satan.
    See article:

    His public pronouncements in the news media poses a worldwide problem to Christendom–which
    is struggling to combat governmental devious behavior to suppress cardinal family values,
    including the historical and traditional marriage. Such damning statements made by a modern
    church authority, juxtaposing established history and tradition of marriage in Europe and American
    continents, would have to be CONDEMNED by resolute Christian public protests and complaints
    to his Office and to the Governments (incl. Romanian Government), which are swayed from our
    ESTABLISHED Christian traditions and centuries of credible history regarding the MARRIAGE
    between one man and one woman!

    The English Archbishop’s public statements encourages the various European and American
    governmental jurisdictions to accept „ca trebuie sa accepte ideea ca traim într-o lume care nu mai
    vede familia ca fiind formata dintr-un barbat si o femeie uniti în legamântul casatoriei”, and that
    Christianity should accept such a defeatist result fomented by Satan! His unfortunate statements
    echo the modern governments of Western civilization’s ambitions for more power over the
    churches and Christians. The governments should be chastised by the multitude of voters which
    elect them to power and then as soon as they occupy the positions of power they DISRESPECT
    THE TEACHINGS OF HISTORY, Christian tradition and 700 years of legal practices:
    American late Chief Justice William Rehnquist clarified an important governmental misconception
    that governments often believe that they are free to make laws which violate a Nation’s established
    history, legal traditions and practices. The Chief-Justice used emphatically the words „careful
    respect for the teachings of history”.

    In 1986 the U.S Supreme Court emphasized that: „the Constitution does not confer fundamental
    rights upon…sodomy”, and that traditional MARRIAGE, FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND
    PROCREATION are insulated by the U.S. Constitution. Read the case-decision here: Bowers v.
    Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186 (1986) text/478/186 Eastern
    and Western European civilizations have 700 years of ESTABLISHED jurisprudence which
    demonstrate that MARRIAGE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN was enshrined in the
    Constitutions, legal practices of Courts and the overwhelming credible history standing behind
    these 700 years of legal practices!
    Sodomy was a criminal offense at common law, and was forbidden by the laws of the original 13
    States when they ratified the Bill of Rights.

    In light of the foregoing credible history and this premier Court analysis of Western civilization, it
    follows that every conscientious Christian should openly and fearlessly CONDEMN governmental
    conduct which seeks to overthrow by legislative fiat 700 years of established Christian history,
    Christian tradition, and legal practices! When the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it should be
    compelled by public pressure and referendums to maintain CAREFUL RESPECT FOR THE
    TEACHINGS OF HISTORY, AND OF THE HOLY BIBLE, and the voters who elected them to
    lead the country!

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