Intrebat ce parere are despre cei ce lucreaza Duminica, Billy Graham a raspuns:

“Nu cred ca aceasta trebuie sa fie o problema daca se intampla rar. Chiar Domnul Isus ne-a spus ca celui ce ii cade boul intr-o groapa in ziua Sabatului ii este ingaduit sa il scoata de acolo. Cred insa ca daca boul dumneavoastra cade in groapa in fiecare zi de Sabat, aveti doua solutii: sau sa vindeti boul sau sa astupati groapa!”


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    In Re: Romanian Family Definition Fomented by Forces of Satan–the Adversary of God and Christians….

    Dr. Rev. Dan Branzei:

    Recently, Anglican Church’s Archbishop Justin Welby trumpeted defeat before the forces of Satan. See article https://www.stiricrestine.ro/2017/11/28/arhiepiscopul-de-canterbury-indeamna-bisericile-sa-si-insuseasca-noua-viziune-asupra-familiei/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign= Feed%3A+ StiriCrestine+%28STIRI+CRESTINE%29 His pronouncements in the news media poses a worldwide problem to Christendom–which is struggling to combat governmental devious behavior to suppress cardinal family values, including the historical and traditional marriage. Such damning statements made by a modern church authority, juxtaposing established history and tradition of marriage in Europe and American continents, would have to be CONDEMNED by a cascade of Christian public protests and complaints, to his Office and to the Governments (incl. Romanian Government), which are swayed from our ESTABLISHED Christian traditions and centuries of credible history regarding the MARRIAGE between one man and one woman!

    The Archbishop’s public statements encourages the various European and American jurisdictions to accept “că trebuie să accepte ideea că trăim într-o lume care nu mai vede familia ca fiind formată dintr-un bărbat şi o femeie uniţi în legământul căsătoriei.” His unfortunate statements echo the modern governments of Western civilization’s ambitions for more power over the churches and Christians! This is the real interest hidden under their cloak of [perverted and unfair composition] much trumpeted social “diversity” and “equality” [including religions]. A most astonishing DEVIATION from our European and American centuries of Christian traditions and history–as it is clearly reinforced in our modern era by the late Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, WILLIAM REHNQUIST in the Supreme Court’s major decision, in favor of “life”, in Washington v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702 (1997). Every Christian pastor should read this mega jurist analysis which condemn authorities that DISRESPECT THE TEACHINGS OF HISTORY: https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/521/702
    Justice Rehnquist clarified an important governmental misconception that governments often believe that they are free to make laws that violate a Nation’s history, legal traditions, and practices:

    “We begin, as we do in all due process cases, by examining our Nation’s history, legal traditions, and practices. See, e.g., Casey, 505 U. S., at 849-850; Cruzan, 497 U. S., at 269-279; Moore v. East Cleveland, 431 U.S. 494, 503 (1977) (plurality opinion) (noting importance of “careful ‘respect for the teachings of history'”). Please notice the Chief-Justice’s words “careful respect for the teachings of history”. Government lost its argument, and this case-decision encompassing 700 years of Anglo-American jurisprudence became the “law of the land” in America, in 1997. Justice Rehnquist is deemed “a national treasure” by jurisprudence!

    This case mirrors a few other case-decisions by this highest Court, which prohibited sodomy and homosexual behavior in America. Notice the first one in 1986: https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/478/186
    This case-decision in Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186 (1986), again Justice Rehnquist joining the “majority” of the Court, which held that:

    “The Constitution does not confer a fundamental right upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy. None of the fundamental rights announced in this Court’s prior cases involving family relationships, marriage, or procreation bear any resemblance to the right asserted in this case. And any claim that those cases stand for the proposition that any kind of private sexual conduct between consenting adults is constitutionally insulated from state proscription is unsupportable. Pp. 190-191.” State “proscription” means State prohibition by statute!

    Notice carefully, that the highest U.S. Court, states that MARRIAGE BY ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN is INSULATED by CONSTITUTION:

    “No connection between family, marriage, or procreation, on the one hand, and homosexual activity, on the other, has been demonstrated, either by the Court of Appeals or by respondent. Moreover, any claim that these cases nevertheless stand for the proposition that any kind of private sexual conduct between consenting adults is constitutionally insulated from state proscription is unsupportable.” And, as we have seen in the Washington case-decision, the 700 years of ESTABLISHED Anglo-American jurisprudence clearly demonstrate that MARRIAGE–as it was practiced for 700 years in our Western (and Eastern) civilizations–was ENSHRINED in the Constitutions, legal practices of Courts and the overwhelming credible history behind these 700 years of legal practices!

    U.S. Supreme Court concludes that sodomy (includes sexual deviant behavior and conduct) was a “criminal offense” and “forbidden” by the laws of the original 13 States whey ratified the Bill of Rights in Dec., 1791.

    “It is obvious to us that neither of these formulations would extend a fundamental right to homosexuals to engage in acts of consensual sodomy. Proscriptions against that conduct have ancient roots. See generally Survey on the Constitutional Right to Privacy in the Context of Homosexual Activity, 40 U.Miami L.Rev. 521, 525 (1986). Sodomy was a criminal offense at common law, and was forbidden by the laws of the original 13 States when they ratified the Bill of Rights.

    In light of the foregoing credible history and premier Court analysis of Western civilization, it follows that every conscientious Christian pastor and lawyer should openly and fearlessly CONDEMN government conduct and behavior which seeks to overthrow by legislative fiat 700 years of established Christian history, legal practices and tradition!

    Dr. Branzei, please accommodate this important legal knowledge on your blog, and disseminate it as far as the eyes can see in our Western and Eastern Christendom! The Christian masses and their leaders MUST LEARN about these important decisions, and thus speak boldly on every occasion when the governmental conduct and behavior is called into question, and attempts to violate and disrespect the teachings of history on the marriage established in rooted history and tradition and centuries of legal practices in Europe and
    on the North American continent.

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