Cu Mihai Oara și Harry Miheț despre eclipsă

Here is an interesting thought about eclipses. We have discovered in the last century how the Earth is incredible fine tuned for life. There are hundreds of variables, such as

– having a satellite (the moon)
– chemical composition
– Earth magnetic field
– tectonic activity
– tides
– position in the solar system (not too close, not too far from Sun)
– existence of large planets like Jupiter, which divert dangerous objects coming our way

We can say that God made the Earth favorable to life. If any of the above would be missing or have different values, life would not be possible.

About eclipses, there is something else unique. Earth is the only planet that has a satellite which obscures the Sun perfectly in an eclipse. If the moon was smaller, it would not cover the sun, of it was larger, we could not see and study the Sun corona during the eclipse.

Conclusion: God made Earth not only favorable to life, but also favorable to knowledge.

This would be only the second total eclipse in my lifetime. The first occurred when I was in kindergarten. Unfortunately, I will bot be able to witness it directly, as I am currently in Manchester, UK. I will watch it live on the NASA TV stream.


Among the reasons why we can see a total eclipse is that the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, and, it also happens that the sun is 400 times farther from us than the moon. Coincidence? Only a fool would think so. (Psalm 14:1). As millions of people gaze at the heavens today, my prayer is that more would realize that the God who made those heavens exists, is real, and wants them to know Him.

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