These people who had one job and hilariously failed it (2)


When in doubt, just call them exactly like what they are. Long yellow things sounds like a very accurate description of what is seen in the picture. We want to believe that the employee who wrote this does know what they are really called, otherwise he must have had a very bad and non-nutritious childhood.


Bet on it

Just because there is some sort of net in both sports, you can at least get the sport name right when you advertise your product. Besides the obvious print mistake, can we please talk about what is found in the pack? Are these miniature tennis rackets?

Plan Ahead

Sure when it comes to planned parenthood, it is definitely better and smarter to plan ahead. Also, when you are in charge of writing the sign that actually deals with planning and thinking before you act, you might as well get it right yourself.


Speaking of planning ahead, when you are the creative team of such a big brand like Starbucks, you really should think of every possible scenario when you design for different media platforms, especially when your brand’s name has the potential to go completely wrong.

Super Hero

We bet the employer who was in charge of designing these bags does not feel like a super hero after he found out what his mistake was. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, when you think about it, there really are a lot of super heroes out there.

Your baby deserves the best

Oh boy, as much as many parents, unfortunately, think that there is nothing wrong with giving their babies alcohol from time to time, this wrong product placement can confuse even the most educated parents. Maybe The store knows something we don’t?

Under the surface

We’re happy to see that gender equality has come such a long way to the point that even children’s clothing can’t tell the difference between what is boyish and what is girly!

At least the chocolate is there

The person at the ice-cream factory just couldn’t get it any more wrong. We just wish we could see the face on that person’s face when he opened his ice cream packaging.

Mr. and Mrs. Toilet

Ever since Caitlyn Jenner came out, you can really notice a real positive change in everything that has to do with tolerance towards transgenders. This public toilet is the expression of liberalism, it lets you decide what you are and where the best place for you to go is.


Don’t you wish sometimes there really were 9 days a week? Now, that’s what we call perfect advertising. Make people believe that there are more days to the week than there really are so they could shop more.

Size matters

And they say size doesn’t matter, well it really depends who you ask and under which circumstances. If you are going to advertise a bag of chips stating that there is a ‘new bigger size’ when there is actually a bigger sized bag of chips of the same brand, than you might get a few customers very angry.

Before and after

Who doesn’t love to see all these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, there is something very intriguing in seeing what one thing looked like before the big makeover. But when you do it, you just have one simple job, make sure you get the pictures right where they are supposed to be.


How many times do you have to write ‘Do Not Stack’ in order for someone to get the point? apparently, more than you think. It’s like those mind-boggling puzzles that try and mess with our head, where one thing is written and the opposite takes place.

Juicy stuff

Either that 1% low-fat chocolate milk jug was lying there for so long that it turned orange, or the people at Friendly Farms thought it would be a cool thing to test a new chocolate color. We don’t think we would touch that ‘orange juice’ even if someone paid us.

Chian express

Caution: this plier that was purchased in Chian (and not China) is not intended for children under 14, and in case you were wondering or thinking about it – it may be harmful if swallowed. So try to avoid swallowing it.

Spoiled Alerts

There was a time when there were DVD’s and DVD players. Saying that, there was a time that Nick Nolte was black and looked like Eddie Murphy and when and Eddie Murphy was white and looked like Nick Nolte.

We had it all wrong

Wait what? Were we wrong all those years when we thought that a watermelon is that round, green fruit with the red filling and seeds inside, when all this time it actually looks more like corn? We really don’t know anything about the world.

The drawer challenge

We can’t handle it. Another design fail, only this time it’s ten times worse because it is for an everyday use. Imagine how much planning it takes before placing inside a simple drawer!

Be aware of the insect

OK so not all kids are animal geniuses and they don’t all tell the difference between a fly and a mosquito, but to assume that they won’t notice that what’s inside is a cockroach and not a tarantula like it says on the box is simply disrespectful.

That’s helpful

It’s like the chicken and the egg, who knows what was there before – the wide road or the tiny gate? We guess we’ll never know. We bet the parents dropping off their kids at this school are taking security very seriously.

Such a special name

Either this man’s parents were trying to be funny when they named their kid ‘first name’ and ‘last name’, or the producers of this segment forgot to place his name in the caption. Some could even call it racist.

The irony cookie

Is it? the person who got this fortune cookie must have been so fortunate that he got his note outside of the cookie. Well, you cam’t say ‘great job’ on this one.

So close

Wasn’t the whole point was to prevent the door from slamming in the wall? Too bad the door knob is there to do the job before.Think people, think.


The person in charge of decorating this cake can get a gold medal in failing your task horribly. Is seems like it’s not a piece of cake for them to get the job done.

Inside story

This could be ranked as the worst office present anyone could ever get their friend. We’re not sure if the person who designed this cup thought they would win a contest for best design, but they failed it terribly. You don’t mess with people’s coffee.

Fun with Fanta

You don’t have to know Spanish in order to see that someone failed their job miserably. Maybe they thought they if you tilt the can when you drink you’d be able to see what it reads?

Call the spelling police

We really hope this isn’t a medal at a spelling bee contest, because that would just be completely inappropriate, not to mention embarrassing.

This balcony is for the bravest

This design is genius! The architect behind these balconies just thought it would be a nice idea to have common and mutual balconies. The only problem is that you step out through the windows. Oh well.

Let’s just use the AC

Someone forgot to tell the person who built this ceiling fan that the way it would work better and more efficiently if there were five wings and not four. Not cool, literally.

Tiny hands only

Welcome to the public toilet where only people with little tiny hands can use this soap dispenser. We guess others, who have a normal-sized hand, just don’t need to stay clean.

‘To the left to the left’

It doesn’t look like a very safe thing to have mixed messages for people driving on the road. It must have been one confused person to hang this sign on top of the traffic light. He was literally torn and didn’t know which way to go.

Satan is in the store

Everyone knows that when you write 666 consecutively than it could only mean one thing, and you don’t want to see these numbers together. But to have it them lined up right on top of a line of cups reading ‘satan’ is just bad luck. Or more like, ‘Target – expect less, pay less’.

Rule of nature

Skiing is known to be a dangerous sport, so you really don’t need any more hazardous objects in your way. Thank god this ski resort placed a sign to remind everyone that trees don’t move.

Don’t be a square, bake

Anyone with a little sense and understanding in baking knows that it’s all about precision and following the right directions in order to get the best results. We have a feeling this could be a little confusing for someone who wants to bake a round cake.

Great bargain

That’s probably the least profitable deal anyone could ever make. Buy three and get, well nothing for free, might sound appealing at first, but once you read the small letters you see that it’s anything but ‘equal value’.


Wow that’s a first. Unused toilet paper and for such a cheap price! Thanks for clarifying that this toilet paper hasn’t been used in the past. After all people are used to buying used TP?

Lazy around the clock

We get how it could become boring placing all 12 numbers on the clock, but that’s just pure laziness. The person got so tired by the time he got to number 5 that he literally stopped. You really need to imagine the time with this one.

Welcome to the house of fun

Who knew that cemeteries could be such a fun place to visit? Now that’s a positive way to look at death, that’s for sure. Rest in peace and come join the fun.

Stairway to nowhere

Planning people, it’s all about planning when you go about to design something like a staircase. This way, the person climbing this stairway can only hope he will have a window of opportunity to get somewhere.


Ok, so technically, the Israeli flag can count as a decoration of some sort, but we think this company took it one step too far when they wrote on the package that it’s ‘Christmas decoration’. Perhaps Hanukkah would be more fitting if anything.

Real & tasty

I want to see the person in charge of the product placement of this retail store. It’s clear they never had babies, because there is nothing tasty abut baby diapers.

Message delivery gone wrong

We’re not sure we’d want to order a delivery from a place that can’t even get their ‘delivery’ sign placed properly in the right direction. We hope the numbers are right at least.

Sugar for my sugar

This is why we don’t and can’t trust advertisers or any food company. Can someone please explain us how a sack of sugar can be sugar free at the same time?


The only thing orange about this picture and resembles tangerines is the orange stand that these huge WATERMELONS are placed on. Maybe they thought people don’t know their fruits and vegetables?

It’s a sign for her to quit

This is why cute cheerleaders get the bad reputation that they do of being somewhat ditsy and careless. Poor girl, all she had to do was hold the sign the other way around.

Stating the obvious

We realize that being allergic to peanuts might be extremely dangerous and even deadly, but you have to agree that this is pretty self explanatory. You know what, you can never be too safe with your peanuts.

Where do I apply?

Speaking of fast food chains, we bet Ronald McDonald would’t be very happy with this sign. Although it does sound interesting to see that digested food smile.

The American dream

We bet this picture was not taken during the current US presidency. It is nice to see that countries are getting closer and closer to the point that it doesn’t matter whether you’re from the US or China, we’re all people at the end of the day.



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