Lumea din spatele cortinei alegerilor americane – de data aceasta au câștigat ,,ai noștri“ !

Ar fi imposibil să exagerăm importanța materialelor de mai jos!!!  Ele pun la dispoziție o ,,scurtătură“ spre politica mare din America. Faceți-vă timp și parcurgeți oferta aceasta. Veți înțelege mai corect lumea în care trăim.

După ce vizionați reportajul, citiți neapărat comentariile sau … invers. Ele vă vor ajuta să pășiți printre oameni care știu mai multe decât noi.


Only problem I have with this report is its dramatization and implicit depiction of all actors as geniuses, masterminds and supreme villains. First, they are not geniuses and second not that much worse than any other monkey (any of us) who would get in their shoes. Talk about the system! It looks and sounds nice but is, IMO very wrong, perpetuating mythological and distorted view of reality.

Marko Kraguljac  Marko Kraguljac1 week ago

+docstowatch Yeah, it’s a good thing that systems thinking tends to just spread once you get a glimpse of it. I am not sure we will be able to harness it practically until we get substantial help from nascent AI technologies. But thats another topic.

docstowatch  docstowatch1 week ago

Marko Kraguljac Indeed. Watson is pretty good (IBM has even developed silicon with brain like structures) API calls are cheap. Workato can make some functions a bit easier. Been messing about with Watson a bit. Still, even vast sweeping knowledge will be mean nothing if the individual nodes of humanity can’t cog even the summary and reject it. Activating people individually between the ears may be part of the solution, too. Nutritional aid in the form of neuro peptide preloading (phenylalanine and such). Psychological exercises such as image streaming from Win Wenger (boosts IQ ~1 pt every 80 minutes)

General Grievous General Grievous4 weeks ago

so i guess trump is nothing but a puppet like the rest of them

вυмвĻεвεε  вυмвĻεвεε1 week ago

Dude it’s more important than that. This shows that there is a Right wing Soros. It’s Soros vs. Mercer with an epic battle and Mercer won. It would seem much more likely that Mercer believes in keeping American culture, defending Israel, Low tax, Good trade, this is so much better than globalism, massive inflow of immigrants and the destruction or destabilization of the US… sinking into socialistic communistic society where those who work support a growing pool of people who don’t… the GOOD GUYS won this one Soros lost. A 9th inning save for the existence of the USA

Fat Kat  Fat Kat3 days ago

вυмвĻεвεε well said. The system is shit, but I’d rather have it this way than the alternative.


Dacă vreți să cunoașteți intențiile și programul noii administrații americane, ascultați acest discurs al eminenței cenuși di spatele lui Donald Trump:

Iată explicația unui alt geniu politic american:


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