Bible chapter and verses

“Some Questions As we wrap up this section on the New Testament, let’s discuss a few common questions related to the New Testament and the Bible. 

Let’s begin by discussing when the Bible was divided up into chapters and verses. As the Bible was written, it did not contain chapters or verses. Acts, for example, was written like one long letter.

 It was an archbishop named Stephen Langton who first began dividing Scripture into chapters, in the early thirteenth century. 

The Wycliffe Bible, in 1382, was the first Bible to use those chapter breaks. About a hundred years later, a Jewish rabbi divided the Hebrew Old Testament into verses, and another hundred years later, the same was done for the English Bibles. 

The Geneva Bible, published in 1560, was the first English Bible to fully use chapters and verses. It also had some notes and maps, so it was also a prototype of the modern study Bible. 

This whole process was done to help readers find Scriptures more quickly and easily—and it’s safe to say that we’re all glad they did. It’s much easier to find Acts 1: 8 than it is to search for the place where Jesus told His disciples that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them. 

Occasionally, we scratch our heads when a chapter break seems to be in an odd place, but overall, the chapter breaks and verses are very helpful.” 

from “Unlocking the Scriptures.”


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