Beniamin Cocar a trecut la Domnul

Romeo Pelle

We are mourning today for the passing into eternity of the man of God Pastor Beni Cocar. Let’s pray for the comfort of his family and of the entire Romanian community where he served, taught and preached that God will strengthen them while we all mourn.

I was personally touched by Dr. Beni Cocar’s teaching ministry as he was one of my Theology Professors at William Tyndale College during 1997-2001!

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Today at 1:40 AM my younger and only brother left this troubled world and went to be with Jesus whom he served all his life. We are grateful to the Lord for everythig He accomplished in him and through him. We comfort each other in the hope of meeting him again soon on the other side of the River.

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  1. Am afla cu durere vestea plecarii in vesnicie la Domnul a fratelui nostru scump si drag Beniamin Cocar care a fost o flacara vie in vestirea Cuvantului lui Dumnezeu cu puterea Duhului Sfant. Credem si nadajduim ca va fii o inviere, de aceea ne silim sa avem un cuget curat inaintea lui Dumnezeu ca sa ne putem revedea cu iubitul nostru frate Cocar Beniamin. Asteptam cu mult dor revenirea Mantuitorului nostru iubit Isus Hristos. Ultima intrevedere pe care am avut o cu Cocar Beniamin a fost pe data de 26.03.1986 data plecarii sale in SUA. Condolente familiei indoliate. Mirela Germania, Fazacas Alexandru.

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