Evanghelicii la luptă electorală

Evangelical pastors heed a political calling for 2012

Formerly apolitical preachers in states like Iowa, backed by astute organizers and big donors, are mobilizing congregations for the election.

Pastors and politicsMike Demastus used to avoid partisanship, but now he’s part of a growing movement of evangelical pastors who are preaching political engagement. (Rodney White / Des Moines Register / September 11, 2011
By Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold, Washington BureauSeptember 10, 2011, 5:21 p.m.

Reporting from Ames, Iowa—

For most of his two decades as a preacher, Iowa pastor Mike Demastus eschewed partisanship, telling colleagues and congregants that “religion and politics don’t mix.”

But there he was last month in Ames, making his way across the festive grounds of the Republican presidential straw poll, mingling with political operatives and candidates as he spoke openly about his preference for Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

He wasn’t alone. The straw poll drew a slew of previously apolitical Iowa pastors — a constituency increasingly heeding a call to speak out on politics.

“There is a concerted assault on everything that we consider sacred — and we pastors need to (Restul aici)

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