Politica crestina sau crestini in politica ?

O lectura fascinanta cu implicatii practice contemporane:

Christian-rooted political philosophy

David Theroux, founder, president, and CEO of The Independent Institute and founder and president of the C.S. Lewis Society of California, has written an interesting and timely series of articles titled “C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism.”
David sets up his series for us:
“Many, many millions of people in the United States and worldwide have been profoundly influenced by C.S. Lewis’ Christian writings, but what did Lewis have to say about individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the proper role of government in society? Although best known for his novels (e.g., The Chronicles of Narnia, That Hideous Strength, etc.) and books on Christian theology (e.g., Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, etc.), Lewis also was unquestionably and profoundly interested in and wrote extensively on the ideas and institutions that were the basis for free and virtuous individuals and communities. But not at all interested in partisan politics, Lewis instead focused on first principles, and public-policy matters were of interest only as they pertained to questions of enduring value. As a result of this focus, Lewis’ work has achieved timelessness and increasing relevance. Especially now with the huge growth of government powers and spending and the widespread fears of economic and social turmoil, Christians can find much-needed guidance in Lewis’ Christian-rooted political philosophy.”

For your weekend reading, here are links to the three-part series:
Part 1: Christians have found inspiration in Lewis’ religious writings. Might they find much-needed guidance for their future in his political philosophy as well?
Part 2: What would C.S. Lewis say to the contemporary “social justice” movement?
Part 3: C.S. Lewis has inspired many Christians spiritually. Could he also inspire a Christian reassertion of individual liberty and personal responsibility?

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  1. Shalom!

    Bravo lui C.S. Lewis! Nu m-a dezamagit! De altfel nici nu ma asteptam sa o faca, intotdeauna l-am considerat VERTICAL . Dincolo de genialitatea ALEGORIILOR din ” Cronicile Narniei” , de sclipirea discursurilor argumentative din ” Mere Christianity” etc, C. S. Lewis ramane omul loial lui Christos, detasandu-se de ” zona gri ” , duplicitara si compromitatoare.
    Si intr-adevar are dreptate! Schimbarea trebuie sa vina din INTERIOR spre EXTERIOR, nicidecum invers. De altfel drumul revers este o utopie demna de Thomas Morrus. Sa nu ne facem iluzii ca putemn schimba Lumea prin oameni cu aceeasi veche si adamica natura. O inima neregenerata de Jertfa lui Christos , care este Viata ( pentru ca numai”cine are pe Fiul are Viata” ) nu va produce decat Moarte. I` m sorry! Suna dezolant, dar Biblia are dreptate intotdeauna. Si haideti sa lasam ” tehnocratia” , sa revenim la DEMOCRATIA noastra cea de toate zilele. A devenit omul mai bun dupa Revolutia franceza? Libertate, Egalitate, Fraternitate… frumos. Dar ” fraternitate ” in ce? Iata de ce sintagma favorita a Noului Testament, si implicit a celui care a lansat-o , este ” In Christos”. ” Pot totul IN CHRISTOS.”
    Prefer in Literatura un spirit scortos, de puritan autentic, asa cum a fost Daniel Defoe in locul unui spiritului cultivat si extrem de versat al lui Oscar Wilde, chiar daca s-a incadrat cu succes in formula “Art for Art` sake”. Prefer un N . Hawthorne aspru, sau un Mark Twain ironic dar sincer, in locul unui R. W . Emerson versat si versatil, deopotriva, “amestecat” intr-un sincretism din care nici cititorul nici criticul nu mai stiu cum sa iasa la mal.

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