Concerte (?) de Crăciun

Dacă aveți timp și bucurie …

Concert Betania Niles 12/18/2022 5pm

Concert RBC Chicago 12/18/2022 6pm

Concert Elim Chicago 12/18/2022 6pm

Concert Dragostea Arad 12/17/2022

Concert Betania Los Angeles 12/17/2022

Concert Betania Dublin 12/11/2022

Concert Maranata Arad 12/18/2022 pm

Concert Iris Cluj 12/17/2022

Concert Speranta Arad 12/16/2022

Concert Logos Academy Niles 12/10/2022

Laura Bretan si Daniel Prunaru la Gala Star of hope Iasi 11/24/2022

Concert The Moody Church Chicago

51st Annual Christmas Concert 12/11/2022

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