Ni se pregătește o lume în care vom fi sclavi! Este varianta lor, Dumnezeu are însă o alta

Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more. Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.

So I listen to this podcast twice and I come up with the following conclusions: 1) Evil people have been around since the beginning of time 2) Avoiding debt is your biggest bargaining chip 3) Educate yourself on becoming self sufficient 4) Stay true to your self and family 5) Vote for the person that encourages less government, and 6) Trust in Jesus as his time is perfect and we will all be judged for our actions…

She’s not a conspiracy theorist, she’s a CONSPIRACY ANALYST

I’ve watched this twice. She explains stuff I remember from forty-fifty years ago which is older than her. So glad there’s finally someone who’s capable of exposing this enormous amount of corruption. I love her. I love her courage and especially her intelligence. Wish she was president or at least the top DOJ Official. I want her books.

This young 33-year-old woman just broke this 63-year-old man’s brain with all this information. How can she do this interview without looking at notes? She is absolutely amazing.

Whitney Webb is not only an incredible journalist, but she’s a great mom and friend too. It was an honor having spent time with her when we were neighbors in Chile. I’m so glad to see that Glenn had her on his show as she has a wealth of knowledge to share on topics that few journalists will dare to touch.

“If you are looking for the good guys… start looking at your neighbors.” Incredibly well said and something I need to stop just thinking about and start actually making efforts to do.

Wow is all I have to say and not even about what she meticulously unveils, but how amazingly versed and poignant she is. What an incredible mind, I’m literally blown away by this young lady. It’s refreshing to see someone zero in on hard facts to show how stupid we all are fighting from the left or right. It’s also utterly disheartening to witness her genuine dismay because it’s beyond obvious she has done her due diligence.

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