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  1. PROOF
    By Daniel George
    Inspired by Proverbs 9:10

    I had a talk with an old friend
    And while he tried not to offend
    He argued that the Bible’s true
    And challenged my Godless worldview.

    If only I could know for sure
    My unbelief would find a cure
    If there’s a God I ask him now
    “Show me that you exist, somehow!”

    As soon as my demand was made
    My consciousness began to fade
    And in a trance or sleep I fell
    What happened next I’m here to tell.

    I stood in front of a white throne
    Brighter than anything I’ve known
    And as I fell down on my knees
    I felt a calming, soothing breeze.

    A kind voice told me not to fear
    “I’ve heard your demand, so you’re here
    Let us now reason and debate
    I’m sure your arguments are great.”

    Reluctant I started to speak
    “Where are you when those who are weak
    Are trampled on by evil men
    Why don’t you help, I know you can

    Why so much suffering on earth
    Painful diseases from our birth
    Add wars and famines and earthquakes
    Plus many leaders who are fakes

    Who rule by fear and spread the hate
    With millions still killed by the state
    You say you’re loving and you’re kind
    Yet to our plight you remain blind.”

    My boldness grew as I spoke out
    Next thing I know I’m screaming loud
    “Maybe you made all that we see
    But you’re a no good absentee!

    You want my worship and my awe
    You say I must follow your law
    But to a God that doesn’t care
    I won’t bend knee, this I declare!”

    “I have to say I’m quite impressed
    I know you gave it your best
    But once again the point you make
    Proves my existence’s not at stake.

    Like my Apostle said so clear
    My Divine Nature does appear
    In all creation that you see
    There’s no excuse that sets you free.

    Your foolish heart, it likes the dark
    And it ignores my Divine spark
    That I placed in each human soul
    So that one day you may be whole.

    So all the pain is your complaint
    My caring you find it is faint
    My goodness you refuse to trust
    My word’s not true and I’m unjust.

    I had this talk with my friend Job
    Who had much more right to probe
    I’ll answer you with just one thought
    Because the Serpent’s lie you bought.

    You see the stars in the night sky
    And only ask how, but not why
    It seems that you refuse to care
    That all my glory they declare.

    You found my code inside the cell
    Yet fairy tales of Chance you tell
    You want to live forever more
    But you refuse my open door.

    All pain and death you brought about
    Yet you still shake your fist and shout
    Men’s evil brought about the flood
    My justice still demands your blood.

    I know you still love that first sin
    The one that Lucifer brought in
    But if you set aside your pride
    You’ll realize the serpent lied.

    But in my love and in my grace
    I chose the cross and took your place
    When my beloved Son I gave
    Who through His death conquered your grave.

    Unclench your fist and take His hand
    So in my presence you can stand
    Because eternity won’t wait
    Your free will determines your fate.

    So in the end no proof will sway
    Those who refuse to take my Way
    I sent my Truth and Life on earth
    And offered all a second birth.

    I send no one to Satan’s hell
    You pave the way when you rebel
    I will not force one human soul
    Against his will on heaven’s roll.”

    I jumped awake in a cold sweat
    Determined to bow knee, and yet
    Even a dream so real and true
    Offered no proof to change my view.

    I thought about it for a while
    As I walked down the road a mile
    When a black van out of control
    Ended my contemplative stroll.

    I woke again this time in bed
    With relatives who thought me dead
    But now I welcomed all the pain
    Because it brought me to His reign.

    So listen to my heartfelt plea
    Just take God’s gift for it is free
    And understand our pain is here
    To make eternal life more clear.

    Death is God’s gift to all of us
    To help us look up at the cross
    Decide right now to bow your knee
    And all His love and grace you’ll see.

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