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I’m So Blessed Daily

Attendee: Pastor, can I request for prayer?

Pastor: Yes, sure. What is it?

Attendee: It’s about my relative.

Pastor: What do you want us to pray for your relative?

Attendee: She died a week ago. So, I request that God will guide her.

Pastor: Oh? Hmmm… Let me put it this way, If you are taking an exam, when will you pray before you take the exam or after?

Attendee: Before…

Pastor: Yes, that’s true. You see, if we pray after the exam, it is like asking God to change our answers and that cannot be done.

Likewise, when we die it is like the exam is done. We cannot change the outcome after it. In Hebrews 9:27 we are told that we are to die once and then we will face the judgment after that. That means we don’t get a second chance after death.

I’m sorry, but that is the truth.

Attendee: Oh? Is that so….?

Pastor: Yes. I’m sorry about your relative, but I cannot pray for her anymore. Death has closed the door of opportunity for her. That’s exactly why we preach the Gospel to those who are alive, to give them the chance to make a decision for Christ. That opportunity ends at death.

Attendee: Okay, pastor.


Churches that teach there is still salvation after death are teaching what is contrary to Scripture and are deceiving their members.

People who believe they can be saved after death will get the greatest shock of their lives when they find out the Truth that there is no salvation after death.

Teach the Truth because that’s the only thing that can set people free! (John 8:32)



May be a cartoon

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