Germany Responds to Russia With an Explosive Announcement!

Germania, Turcia, Rusia sunt actorii obișnuiți scenei veacurilor trecute. Iată-i sosiți iar la rampă. Se apropie scena finală. Numai Italia lipsește … deocamdată.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz poses for pictures after he recorded a televised address to the nation following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Bible prophecy continues to race forward in fulfillment.


Yesterday was a momentous day in world history. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the return of a strong, militaristic Germany. His speech in the Bundestag was greeted with a standing ovation—with support coming from all Germany’s political parties!

Politico called Scholz’s measures “nothing less than the most dramatic political shift in modern German history.”

Andreas Kluth, former editor in chief of Handelsblatt, wrote: “If you had any sense of history and found yourself near the German Bundestag in Berlin on Sunday, you could have heard the sound of an explosion.”

The whole Earth should be trembling at that explosion! Anyone who knows history should be deeply alarmed. But if you also know Bible prophecy—as every Trumpet reader should—you know this announcement is truly a calamitous explosion!

Chancellor Scholz called a special session of Germany’s parliament to announce a massive increase to Germany’s military budget. Right now they spend €53 billion a year on their military—and that’s a record high. Scholz announced that Germany would create a new €100 billion fund (us$112 billion) this year to rapidly improve the army’s equipment. He also announced that by 2024, Germany will spend at least 2 percent of its economic output on its military. Right now, Germany spends only 1.4 percent. By the time you factor in the growth of Germany’s economy, this will double Germany’s military spending from here on out.

This will make Germany by far the biggest military spender in Europe. Once this is in place, Germany will be spending more on its military than Russia!

These are radical steps. And Bible prophecy warns exactly where they are leading!

For decades the Trumpet has warned you to watch for a major change in Germany. When Germany stopped cutting its military spending and starting boosting it each year, we said this was an alarming change. When German think tanks and generals spoke out, saying Germany needed to become more robust militarily, we told you why this was concerning.

What happened this past weekend, however, was not a slight boost to Germany’s military. It wasn’t just advice or recommendations. This is the real thing: German militarism is back! And Germany, and so much of the world, is cheering! That is truly remarkable.

Anyone who views this announcement through the lens of history and prophecy will have very much the opposite reaction.

Mr. Scholz told the Bundestag that Germany was “living through a watershed era.” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked the nation, and Germany needs to be able to stand up to “warmongers like Putin,” said Scholz. “That requires strength of our own.”

More remarkable than Scholz’s words is the fact that everyone agreed with him. He leads the left-wing Social Democrats, a political party that has been skeptical of military spending. He governs in coalition with the even-further-left Green Party, yet they too are in agreement. His main opposition, the Christian Democrats, also supported the announcement.

In the debate that followed, “One speaker after another rose to find similarly clear and moving words,” wrote Kluth. “Let the world take note: Owing to Putin’s naked aggression, Germany has changed almost overnight.”

For decades Germans have shied away from talk about the need for strength in this world. No longer. Kluth characterized the tone of the parliament’s discussion this way: “The way to stop a bully like Putin is with strength—only then do talks make sense. That used to be an un-German martial notion. It could now become the new mainstream.”

The major boost in defense spending is important. But this change in rhetoric and attitude could be even bigger. For the first time since the end of World War ii, we could soon see an openly aggressive Germany. Germany has certainly been aggressive: Look how it led the world in breaking up Yugoslavia. But it has operated cautiously, in the shadows. Scholz’s speech marks the nation emerging from the shadows and becoming far more open.

And beyond this militaristic transformation in Germany, Russia’s attack on Ukraine looks like it is causing all of Europe to unite quickly!

Europe Unites

“Vladimir Putin just achieved the impossible,” wrote Politico: “genuine European unity.”

“From Sofia to Stockholm, Europe’s internal divisions over how to react to Putin’s aggression have melted away in recent days as the historic dimensions of the invasion—the greatest challenge to the West’s security architecture in decades—sank in,” they wrote.

AP News produced an article titled, “By invading Ukraine, Putin loses allies in eastern Europe.” It shows how all the strongmen in the region that were once friendly to Putin are now turning their backs on him.

“The attack on Ukraine marks the end of an epoch,” wrote Spiegel, Europe’s largest newsmagazine. “The European order, which brought the Continent three decades of relative security and stability following the end of the Cold War, is in the process of collapsing. A new, more dangerous era is beginning.”

This is all happening within just a few days of Putin’s invasion. What would happen if it drags on? How would Europe respond if Putin begins flattening cities?


Consider the power the European Union already has today. Look particularly at the clout Germany has. The Germans already lead Europe and call the shots economically. Soon they will begin calling the shots militarily for nine other European kings.

The growing necessity to protect themselves is going to drive European leaders to pare down the number of nations in their union and empower a strongman. That man will then use the clout and power of Europe to take on Vladimir Putin and what the Bible calls “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12).

Putin is helping to create a power that is going to be greater than his own! And the clash between these two powers will cause more suffering than the world has ever known!

Most Americans are oblivious to these events. Yet those in America who are paying attention are cheering this dramatic shift in Germany! They are glad to see Germany finally standing up militarily.


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