Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study)


OK, I’m a stem cell biologist and just came across your channel for the first time. I just say that this is so well presented and taught. I sent it to my PhD student to watch because you not only discuss the paper so well, but also teach the science that underlies it in such a good way. Seriously excellent.


If you understand what is going on there will always be some variation of this disease. This is the new cold of the season. If we eat and sleep to the best of our ability and take vitamin D every day and take good supplements like Vitamin C and zinc and quercetin (and there are many other that can be used as well) then we can battle this as a slightly more difficult cold!

I am speaking from experience! Almost 90 percent of the people in my neighborhood were infected with this. Our neighborhood was one of the first to suffer! We lost many on the beginning because of neglect in the hospitals and also lack of knowledge. If we live life without fear and use the right tools to battle this we can begin to see normalcy! But instead they choose to manipulate society with fear and with dangerous treatments and preventive measures that have caused more damage than good! The info is out there but you might not choose to see it!

So sorry for those that can’t see the truth! I personally have had the virus early on in March of 2020. I immediately took hot teas, hot showers and lots of vitamins and minerals to support my immune system. My family all got sick over a period of a few months. Everyone including my 98 year old mother recuperated! I never got sick again thank G-d even though I was the caretaker of all the members of my family! Be proactive but not with poisons but rather with all the goodness that G-d has given us in this world! Take care of your health! Get educated! Take control of your destiny! Don’t let fear and tyranny rule you!

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