Fii un misionar! Dumnezeu are nevoie de tine

Val Monafu

Septenmber 30  · 

Romanian Missionary Society

For more than 50 years, the Romanian Missionary Society has existed by the grace of God, expressed through the support and generosity of people like you. People that love our Lord and want to see the message of Hope delivered to the ends of the Earth.

As we continue our work and adapt to the ever-changing means of communication, we want to call you to action in a very simple, yet effective way.Your presence here tells us you are a friend of our society and you surely are acquainted with our work. Today we challenge you to help us reach more people like you. How? Here are a few ideas!

✅ Identify a few friends that you think might be enthusiastic to hear about our work.

✅ Share any of our posts or invite them to like our page.

✅ Encourage them to visit our website.

✅ Find one of our projects that resonate with you and invite one of your friends to support it alongside you.

✅ Encourage your church to partner with us.

✅ Above all, keep us in your prayers.

We continue to be thankful for people like you, and we are looking forward to meeting new friends through which God can make great things happen.




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