Dr. Fauci and the China Virus

04:30 COVID Origins 15 MINUTES
All through 2020, the propaganda press and medical community was uninterested in tracking down the origins of COVID-19. Now we know why: Donald Trump was right, and admitting so may have helped him win reelection. The priority for the media was to get Donald Trump out of office. Now that Trump is out, the media and medical community are following up on the origins of the story they manipulated, or outright ignored throughout 2020.
20:00 Fauci Exposed 20 MINUTES
America’s top medical professional Anthony Fauci speaks like a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party. Now that the origins of COVID-19 are finally being uncovered, Dr. Fauci is having to explain why he dismissed the lab-leak theory so early on; once again, he’s flip-flopping, even coming to the defense of the Communist Party in China. When asked if China would deliberately release a virus, Fauci said he didn’t think the Chinese would ever deliberately engineer “something so that they could kill themselves as well as other people.” Fauci should study into 20th-century history about how Communist governments persecute and even kill their own people.
40:30 Deadly Vaccine 15 MINUTES
Remember when lockdowns started last year and government officials said the pain of shutting down America was all worth it if it saved just one life? So far in the United States, there have been nearly 5,000 reported deaths as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. Young people especially are suffering from vaccine side-effects, much more than they would from the COVID disease the vaccine is supposed to protect them from. Why are medical officials still pushing for this deadly vaccine to be used—particularly among young people who are not threatened by the disease?

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