Israel se întoarce în haine preoțești

Avi Hoffman

Translation always subtracts infinite subtlety, depth, and beauty from the words, but singing with an English translation in mind is much better than singing “empty” words to a beautiful tune:

For Your sake, God, act  וְלֺא לָנוּ,
– and not for us  רְאֵה עֲמִידָתֵנוּ,
– see our position,  דַּלִּים וְרֵקִים.
– meager and empty.  הַנְּשָׁמָה לָךְ
– the soul is Yours,  וְהַגּוּף פָּעֳלָךְ,
– and the body is Your work,  חוּסָה עַל עֲמָלָךְ.
– have pity on Your labor.

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