Cât de populată este Canada?

Canada is really empty

  • The Huffington Post Canada

Everyone knows that Canada is sparsely populated, but seeing it in pictures is something else! Here is a compilation of maps made by our colleagues at HuffPost Canada …

(Click on the maps to enlarge them)

Okay, it’s not completely “empty”. In green, uninhabited places …

Canada is truly

FOLLOW USWith the daily HuffPost newsletter, receive the most important news and the best articles of the day by email. Find out moreNewsletter Twitter Facebook Snapchat InstagramHere is an even more precise map, it makes a void!Only a million people live above this line

Canada is truly

Less than 1% of the population lives in the white area

Canada is truly

50% of Canadians live in red zones

Canada is truly

If we place a point for each person, the difference with the United States is obvious

Canada is truly

But the view from space is the most spectacular

Canada is a bit like Australia, but colder.(2% of the population is in the golden zone)

Canada is truly

Or like Russia (50% in red areas)

Canada is truly

That doesn’t prevent you from exploring every corner!

Canada is truly

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