Conflictul dintre regunea armeană și Azerbaijan pe înțelesul nsotru

Armenia is a curious case, for sure. For those who are not aware, here is the brief.

In 2018, a military coup ousted a pro Russian leader and installed a very anti Russian leader. This coup was widely considered to be sponsored by a “banking
fellow whose initials are “GS“ (George Soros). Yes, him.

Now, the new government was hugely pro western, and very much pro NATO. They were very much pro Israeli. They were very much anti Russian, and anti Iranian.

Trouble for them was, the Armenian Christians relied on Russian military support to achieve a balance of power with their Muslim neighbours. Russia has a military base in Armenia, and has been their primary military ally since forever.

Now, the pro western, Christian, pro-NATO, pro Israeli government, installed by a GS sponsored coup, began dismissing Russian friendly folks from its military and government. They began appealing to NATO for inclusion, and protection.

Guess what happened?

Well, Israel, Turkey (a NATO member) and even Iran began to work with their local enemy, boosting the military power of Azerbaijan by huge amounts. At the same time, NATO was deaf to Armenian gestures of friendship, and Putin became hostile to the Armenian “prime minister”, who never lost an opportunity to denigrate Russia, and everything Russian.

Russia declared itself a bystander in the local conflict, and said that Azerbaijan moving troops into contested areas was not an invasion of Armenia, and so the treaty between Russia and Armenia would not trigger Russian support.

Turkey, with Israeli logistical support, moved air power to Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan promptly began a large scale military advance into contested areas, most of which are ethnically Armenian (albeit after much ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan people by Armenia over the decades).

Armenia is helpless, and cannot withstand the onslaught of NATO powers, and Muslim mercenaries, many of whom are the remnants of ISIS, shipped north by Turkey for use in the Next Great Turkish Islamic War Adventure.

So now, NATO and Russia both have their own reasons to sit back, and watch arguably the oldest Christian nation on earth be over run by ISIS mercenaries, working for Turkey.

As for G S, he is doubtless laughing all the way to, well, his bank.

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