Claritate catolică creștină

Franklin Graham 

Yes, it really is this clear. I’m not a Catholic, but Father Ed Meeks states the facts that in this election we are facing biblical and moral issues that should be vitally important to all people of faith. Take a minute to listen to this…

The desperate call to vote for life and religious liberty is a fact that we’re facing! I’m amazed at people who confess to be Christians and yet would absolutely vote for the killing of millions of babies up to and after their birth, just because they hate our current President Donald Trump! How can anyone call himself a Christian and then agree with everything This catholic priest Ed Meeks listing! I’m just beyond amazed! It’s a contradiction in terms! Here’s the exact reasons he mentions I won’t vote democrat Randy Shaffner! How would you argue against it? If you say you’re a brother in Christ and a believer in Him?

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