Cum știu ei să ne pregătească pentru un vaccin cu același efect!

Oricum o dai, tot controlul populației ai!

Does COVID-19 affect male fertility? – › pmc › articles › PMC7171435

Apr 21, 2020 — Dear Editor,. Multiple cases of pneumonia caused by a novel corona virus (SARS -COV2) have been reported in Wuhan city in China in …by A Abobaker · ‎Cited by 13 · ‎Related articles
BREAKING!! Male Infertility: Research Shows That SARS-CoV … › news › breaking-male-inf…

Jun 4, 2020 — Male Infertility: A Peer-reviewed study published in the journal European Urology Focus indicates that the SARS-CoV02 coronavirus is able to …
Will COVID-19 affect male fertility? | › resources › will-covid-19-affect…

May 15, 2020 — There may not be a lot of information about the novel coronavirus and fertility, specifically, but “we know quite a lot about viruses, flus, and male …
Can COVID-19 cause male infertility? | › community › health › coronavirus › c…

Jul 15, 2020 — New research examining COVID-19 and human sperm suggests potential risks for male infertility as well as sexual transmission.
Does the coronavirus affect male fertility? – COVID-19 › …

Apr 23, 2020 — There is also some evidence that illness and high temperature caused by some infections including flu, can temporarily lower sperm count and …
COVID-19 Guidance: Fertility and › covid-19
Accepted Manuscripts related to COVID-19 are being posted to ensure the latest research and guidance is made available as soon as possible. Medical …by ML Eisenberg · ‎Cited by 4 · ‎Related articles
COVID‐19 and human spermatozoa—Potential risks for … › doi › andr
Jul 10, 2020 — The reproductive consequences of a viral attack on these systems, in terms of fertility and the risk of sexual transmission, are currently unknown.
Coronavirus and Fertility – Coronavirus Precautions – Fertility … › coronavirus-fertility

Worried about coronavirus and fertility? Our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers team separates fact from fiction offering coronavirusprecautions.

Common questions

Can COVID-19 damage the testicles?
Are males more vulnerable to COVID-19?
Can I become seriously ill from COVID-19?
Does COVID-19 affect people of all age groups?
For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for health advice.

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Unproven report linking coronavirus to male infertility removed … › page_148559

Mar 16, 2020 — However, the team did not perform a study to assess male fertility in patients who had been infected with the coronavirus, and there is no …
COVID-19 may cause male infertility, be sexually transmitted … › 2020/07/18 › covid-19-may-cause-male-i…

Jul 18, 2020 — A new study claims the coronavirus can not only rob you of your taste and smell — it may leave men infertile and could be transmitted sexually.

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