Breaking News | Grace Community Church Update | September 14 2020 – YouTube

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  1. What is happening today is similar with what happened in Moses’s time when the King of Egypt [ The Pharaoh ] ordered to the ” THEN HEALTH DEPARTMENT ” represented by those two Midwifes to kill the Jew baby boys but those Midwifes refused and for that reason God Blessed them and their families. Same thing is happening today, the Governors and Mayors order Churches to be closed and not to allowed anyone to attend the Religious  Services, many people die in their sins because they do not have opportunity to hear the Word of God and to Repent and Get Saved. All those in Power today that work against God will end just like the [ Pharaoh ] The King of Egypt, they will be destroyed by the Holy God.You can read the entire story of this in EXODUS : 1 ; 15 – 22.

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